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Sneeze Guards for Hair Salons & Barbershops

At Pipe and Drape Online, we provide sneezeguards for hair salons, barbershops, and nail boutiques that are affordable and easy to install. Each kit comes with everything you need to install a temporary fixture at your establishment.

Where can sneeze guards be used? With various dimensions, layouts, and styles available, you can utilize sneezeguards and protective barriers throughout your shop. From the customer waiting area and reception desk to between hairdresser sinks and each styling chair, these thin barriers will help ease the stress of customers and staff while maintaining strict health and safety standards.

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Wave Style Ceiling Drape Calculator

(in feet; usually between 3-5 feet)
*This is how far each swag will swoop down toward the floor before going back up toward the ceiling

Number of Swags
*This is how many times you want your single drape to swoop down

Total Length of the Room Being Swagged (in feet)

Length of Panel