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Emergency Relief

Face Masks, Sneeze Guards, and Social Distancing Dividers

Retail and Foodservice Health and Safety Supplies

The need to protect both employees and customers is more important than ever before, and we offer a variety of health and safety supplies geared toward the foodservice and retail industries that help your workers and clients feel more at ease.

Sneeze guards and dividing partitions are becoming very common in a variety of businesses, from salons and barbershops to doctor's office waiting rooms to manufacturing facilities. Acrylic or plexiglass options can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and many require permanent installation. Our sneeze guard / isolation divider kits are a great portable solution that are a fraction of the price of acrylic / plexiglass systems! As a bonus, our isolation room divider is taller and wider than most alternatives, and as a manufacturer of our retail and foodservice health and safety supplies, we can customize the height and width to your needs.

If you already have existing pipe and drape framework, or are planning to use your own drapery / tension rod, check out our crystal clear, heavy-duty Vinyl drapes for an easy-to-use sneeze guard or partition between employees and customers. This super durable material available in many common heights (6.5 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet tall), and like our complete isolation kits, our Vinyl drape panels are an affordable option compared to alternatives.

We offer a stanchion-like crowd control system using our pipe and drape items to help regulate spacing. Our distancing dividers are a great way to block entrances, create a social distance area, and otherwise direct guests as to where they need to be. This is a health and safety product must-have if you’re concerned about customers loosely following guidelines.

At Pipe and Drape Online, we're committed to helping your business or organization reopen successfully and safely with our health and safety supplies. We're always happy to answer any questions that you may have about our Emergency Relief supplies. Product suggestions are always welcome as well!

Wave Style Ceiling Drape Calculator

(in feet; usually between 3-5 feet)
*This is how far each swag will swoop down toward the floor before going back up toward the ceiling

Number of Swags
*This is how many times you want your single drape to swoop down

Total Length of the Room Being Swagged (in feet)

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