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Drapes vs. Panels: What’s the Difference?

Even shopping for decorative items calls for an understanding of industry terms to avoid confusion. Of course, in some cases, you won’t know the meaning of a word until you make a mistake.

You may need to decorate something with incredible drapes, and we want to help you understand what separates the various drape types. So we’ll explain the purpose of drapes vs. panels. What’s the difference between both materials? If you don’t know the answer, check out our explanation below so that you can brighten your space in the best way possible.

Diving Into Drape Differences

The difference really comes down to what you’re looking for. In one context, both “drapes” and “panels” may mean the same thing, but they can be very different terms too. Now, let’s clear up some of the confusion you probably still have. In terms of décor, the term “drapes” on its own often has an association with homes and other buildings. Drapes are great for covering up windows and doors. That said, the applications of drapes are wider when it comes to panels.

Decorative Drape Panels

Now, where does that leave drape panels? A drape panel is a decorative backdrop associated with events, such as trade shows, weddings, business events, and more. Have you ever seen a photo booth at an event? If you have, it was likely a pipe and drape display.

The purpose of these backdrops is to transform a venue into something more cohesive, creative, and stunning. For instance, at Pipe and Drape Online, our inventory is full of backdrop panels for sale that help professionals fine-tune venues to their aesthetic needs.

Pipe and Drape Construction

Drape panels weave into a pipe and drape system by hanging on the pipe framing. These frames come in various sizes, as do the drapes. This allows them to cover as much ground as the event calls for. Think of these panels as decorative dividers; they separate a space from the rest of the venue while elevating the aesthetics.

You can even place pipe and drape displays in front of less attractive aspects of the venue, such as a damaged wall. This way, you can prevent eyesores from impacting the big day. So what’s the difference when comparing drapes vs. panels? Well, it all depends on your perspective. Luckily, you now have that perspective, so use it to make the best drape decision, regardless of your purpose for browsing.

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