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Ditch Virtual & Create Your Own Zoom Background: 3 Tips

While digital backgrounds on Zoom offer a quick fix, they can sometimes distract or diminish sincerity. A well-arranged physical background, on the other hand, can enhance authenticity and professionalism. If you want to ditch virtual designs and create your own Zoom background, these three tips will help. Find out how you can elevate your presence in the virtual workspace.

Declutter and Organize

A tidy and organized space is the foundation for a professional image. Start by decluttering your immediate background; remove any unnecessary items that don’t contribute positively to your video frame. An orderly space looks appealing and promotes a focused and professional atmosphere. Think minimalist—less is often more.

While decluttering, prioritize functionality. Ensure that essential items are within reach but not in direct view of the camera. This might include having a neat shelf or drawer system nearby for easy access to work-related materials during meetings. A clean, functional space is conducive to productivity and portrays efficiency.

Introduce Simple, Stylish Decorations

A few eye-catching decorations can have a major impact on your virtual workspace. For instance, a shelf featuring potted plants as your background ensures you don’t have a distracting amount of empty space behind you but doesn’t completely clutter the frame, either.

Likewise, at Pipe & Drape Online, we carry ceiling curtains that turn the empty space of a ceiling into an attractive showcase of sleek fabrics. Once you have all the right decor present, lighting is the key to showing it all in the best light.

Good lighting can drastically improve video quality, making everything within the frame clearer and more inviting. Position your workspace to take advantage of natural light, facing a window if possible. However, avoid direct sunlight, as it can be harsh and create uneven lighting.

Stay On-Brand

Decor is great, but don’t choose it at random. Beyond wonderful drapes and lighting, consider company-relevant decorations. For those who are part of an organization, maintaining alignment with your company’s brand can be impactful.

Consider displaying subtle brand elements, such as color-themed items, a company logo, or products relevant to your work in the background. This personalizes your space and reinforces your professional identity and dedication to your role.

This is especially helpful when you’re talking with vendors, clients, or other individuals outside of your company. Company logos in the background reinforce the fact that you represent the company and its values. Create your own Zoom background using the tips above to ensure you can redecorate with precision, professionalism, and a spark of personality.

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