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Different Wall Fabric Draping Techniques

Beautiful displays of fabric are a seemingly small design touch to events that makes a significant impact. Specifically, this design choice can impact the atmosphere and visual appeal you’re trying to achieve. From weddings to trade shows, the different wall fabric draping techniques below will help you bring events to life in a striking way.

Setting the Right Mood

You’ll rarely find a venue that seems custom-built to fit your event’s theme. Installing a stylish set of drapes will help you enhance the venue’s visual appeal while simultaneously echoing a color that matches your theme. For example, white sheer voile drapes are a perfect match for weddings.

On the other hand, for business events or trade shows, you can seek a fabric that aligns with your company logo’s color pattern. Setting the right mood is essential for any special occasion, and the right set of drapes will help you do that with ease.

Sprucing up Unattractive Areas

Sometimes, the best venue for an event will come with some minor blemishes that require a touch-up. Remember, the perfect venue becomes perfect due to your attention to the décor. Strategically draping fabric over some of the more unattractive areas of any space is an easy and effective way to reach that “perfect” status.

Learning To Layer

An essential lesson to learn about draping fabrics is to always consider layers. The reason this design choice is so appealing is the visual depth it adds to any given space. There are multiple ways to utilize layers creatively. For instance, you can add layers displaying different colors to match a company logo stunningly.

On the other hand, you can layer light fabric of the same color to make it stand out more boldly. Which method you choose relies on what’s best for your specific event. No matter what event you’re hosting, always consider how you can layer wall fabric to enhance your venue.

Taking the time to learn the different wall fabric draping techniques will help you bring a consistent class and quality level to each event you host. One of the best things about investing in beautiful fabric and pipe-and-drape systems is their versatility. Essential pipe-and-drape components, like a backdrop rod, can go a long way—whether you need them for hanging drapes at an expo, wedding, or another special occasion.

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