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Different Applications for Pipe and Drape Displays

Pipe and drape displays are helpful in many situations. Since these stunning materials are common for events, it’s understandable to think that those situations apply to many parties. However, the uses for these displays are a bit more diverse than that. Here are three different applications for pipe and drape displays that exemplify their versatility.


The titular décor’s applications are eclectic, but even within each application is a variety of uses. For instance, pipe and drape displays can transform any venue for your prom, helping to create a more creatively concise and visually appealing space.

Furthermore, if you have a book fair or another event occurring during the day, you can transform any classroom, gym, or library into a suitable venue with pipe and drape displays. Beyond showcasing style, these displays act as convenient dividers. Furthermore, their easy-to-install design ensures you can quickly section off areas and open them back up.


A wedding is an event where creating the right atmosphere is key, and your décor plays a substantial role in that task. For instance, sheer voile drapes are lightweight and elegant. They’re the perfect fit for a wedding atmosphere. That said, everyone’s aesthetic tastes differ. This is where pipe and drape décor comes in handy too.

At Pipe and Drape Online, we carry backdrop panels for sale in many fabrics, including banjo, premier, and velour. Even if some names are unfamiliar to you, the wide variety of fabrics is helpful for weddings because it offers a broader range of ways to personalize the event.

Trade Shows

Another example of the different applications of pipe and drape displays applies to businesses. At trade shows, companies need a way to make their booth stand out and remain separate from others nearby. Thankfully, as mentioned above, pipe and drape displays come in many forms. As a result, you can personalize the design to fit your company.

Likewise, the various pipe and drape display sizes can help you meet the needs of different venue sizes. That way, your booth can pop brightly regardless of the dimensions you have to work with on the site. Browse the pipe and drape designs available today to see how unique you can make any space, big or small.

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