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Closed vs. Open Photo Booths: Which Is Better?

Outfitting your event with a photo booth gives guests the perfect opportunity to commemorate the evening. Photo booth designs differ in more ways than you might expect, ranging from closed to open booth designs. If you want to set up the perfect option for your event, look at this comparison of closed and open photo booths to learn which is better.

How the Designs Differ

Let’s begin with how these booths differ in their basic design. A closed photo booth is a small space where two people can gather to take a series of photos. Of course, you can try to cram in a few more people, but this booth style typically accommodates two or three people at most.

On the other hand, an open photo booth design is more defined by the backdrop because it’s not enclosed. You can set up your ideal backdrop and a camera for pictures, giving your guests the freedom to take fun photos at their leisure. So which is better—closed or open photo booths? Let’s take a closer look.

Consider the Group Sizes

As mentioned above, a primary difference between open and closed photo booths is how many people they can comfortably accommodate. For instance, school graduations or work-related celebrations often involve festivities enjoyed with a group. Weddings also benefit from an open photo booth so family and friends can gather to commemorate the event. Simply put, if you want to promote group photos, consider using an open booth design. Remember that even small groups can use this setup successfully.

Compare the Privacy Potential

The primary benefit of a closed photo booth is the privacy you have with you and your guest. For example, couples can step away from a holiday event or birthday party to take romantic photos together in a closed booth. They may still be at the event, but the duo won’t have to worry about other partygoers waiting and watching before their turn.

As you can see, the differences between open and closed photo booths are straightforward, but they will impact how your guests take pictures during the event. Use our guide above while exploring pipe and drape photo booth designs available right now to see which option you can successfully weave into your event venue.

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