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A Guide To Making Your Classroom More Hygienic

Schools should be a place to find inspiration, friendship, and knowledge. Unfortunately, classrooms became the cause for worry amid the spread of COVID-19 for obvious reasons. As a result, many students utilize virtual learning at home. Luckily, with the help of a guide to making your classroom more hygienic, in-person classrooms can once again become places of inspiration, friendship, and knowledge.

Working With Parents and Students

To keep the classroom clean, your students and their parents have to work with you. Unsurprisingly, not all parents will know the ins and outs of classroom hygiene. For example, speak to parents about keeping kids home when they’re sick.

Additionally, during class, teach students about the spread of germs and why healthy habits like handwashing are necessary. If you educate parents and students on what they can do to minimize the spread of germs, they can become more aware and accountable. As corny as that might sound, it’s the truth.

Sanitizing Your Surfaces

A guide to making your classroom more hygienic isn’t complete without a section on what you need to clean in your classroom. Specifically, you should prioritize sanitizing frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, desks, cabinets, countertops, bookshelves, computer keyboards, chairs, and lockers. Wiping down these surfaces throughout the day minimizes the spread of germs immensely. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that keeping surfaces in the classroom clean also keeps them looking fresh and beautiful every day.

Installing Sneeze Guards

Due to COVID-19 dangers, in-person learning requires a strict level of hygiene through mask-wearing and social distancing. In addition to promoting those habits in the building, the CDC recommends physical barriers, including “sneeze guards and partitions,” in locations where individuals may have to come within less than six feet of one another.

These locations include reception desks, lunchroom check-out stations, and other spots where remaining six feet apart isn’t realistic. This step might sound like a significant investment, but finding convenient and affordable sneeze guards for sale isn’t as hard as you might expect. Be sure to stay up to date on CDC recommendations so that you can keep the school as happy and healthy as possible.

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