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backdrop poles

With wedding season in full swing, it’s time to finalize the last of your wedding plans and decorations before your big day. If you want to take your summer wedding to the next level, consider these reasons for adding elegant backdrop poles to your wedding.


The great thing about backdrop poles is that they truly take on the personality of the user -- if you want a whimsical wedding, try threading lights into sheer drapes or beautiful satin drapery. Prefer bold patterns? You can select whatever fabric you want! Backdrop poles are easy to use and can extend all the way to the ceiling to create an entirely new room.


Not only can backdrop poles improve the aesthetic of your wedding, they can block unsightly features. Imagine this: you’ve found the perfect venue, but there is a huge fireplace right where you picture your ceremony. Instead of saying your vows into a heater, simply hang satin drapery on drop poles to create an elegant, modern look. In the same way, this feature can shield the catering company's prep area from your dance floor, resulting in a better experience for dancing guests and busy caterers alike.

Backdrop poles can also be used to direct your guests. If you chose a big venue, using sheer drapes for a wedding is a great way to block off areas that guests -- especially kids -- aren’t allowed to enter.

A New Spin on the Traditional Altar

Instead of renting an expensive altar for the ceremony, backdrop poles offer a unique staging alternative that is sure to wow guests. Whether you’re in a large, open space, or simply want to make your guests feel more engaged (no pun intended), using backdrop poles for your wedding can provide structure and creativity to an already beautiful venue. This will draw your guests' attention to the front of the ceremony and can put a fun twist on the traditional altar, especially if your ceremony is not taking place in a church. Backdrop poles are great for any and all fabrics, but your creativity is boundless -- try mixing mediums with lights or flowers to create a look only your wedding will have.

Considering that 2.4 million weddings take place in the United States each year, it's important to make your wedding stand out in the best possible way. Backdrop poles are a subtle tool to provide structure and elegance to your wedding. Their customization and versatility will be sure to express your personality on your big day.

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