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Which Type Of Drape Panel Is Best For My Event?
As event planners know, the right drapes can make or break the aesthetic of an event. But color, size, and fullness aren't the only factors important to consider when choosing the drapes for your venue.

Drapery comes in a wide variety of panels including Banjo, Premier, Velour, Commando / Duvetyne, Sheer Voile, Satin, and more. But what do these different drape panel names mean and how do they impact your backdrop?

Here are the most common types of drape panels and what you can expect when you use them at your event:

  • Banjo drapes: Banjo drapes feature an open weave and are available in a wide variety of different colors. Banjo drape panels are about 48 inches wide and they're popular for trade show booths. The combination of inherently flame retardant (IFR) fabric, the lower price point, and the durability of this material makes it an ideal choice for conventions, job fairs, and trade shows.

  • Premier drapes: Premier drapes are popular choices for church backdrops, school backdrops (graduations, performances), business backdrops, and backdrops for banquet halls because of their upscale-looking fabric. Premier drapes are made of 100% Polyester fabric, washable, and are available in 12 gorgeous colors. They're durably flame retardant (DFR) and each drape panel is approximately 60 inches wide, offering more coverage compared to Banjo while looking more elegant.

  • Commando drapes: Commando drapes, also called Duvetyne, are available in black and block out up to 99% of light when backlit. Made from cotton, Commando drapes are commonly used for dressing rooms and privacy booths because they can't be seen through. Commando drapes are typically 52 inches wide.

  • Elite Poly Commenado drapes: Available in black, Elite Poly Commando drapes resemble traditional cotton Commando, but are made of 100% Polyester. So, like Commando drapes, Elite Commando drapes have all the benefits of blocking out light but have the added benefits of being machine washable and IFR. Elite Poly Commando drape panels are about 52 inches wide.

  • Velour drapes: Velour drapes are approximately 60 inches wide and range in opacity depending on the fabric’s weight. There are lighter velours (such as 10 oz. velour), mid grade Velours (15.5 oz. Velour), and heavier velours (like 24.5 oz. Velour) that are 90% or more opaque. Whereas in the past Velour drapes were made from cotton, today you’ll often find them made of 100% Polyester and IFR. Velour drapes are mainly used for theater draping and for VIP events.
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