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pole cover

Experts in event planning know the value of using pipe and drape. It can be used for putting together great trade show booths, developing backdrops that pop, changing up the look of a room, and setting the mood for a wedding, corporate event, political rally, religious ceremony, and more. Using the right pole cover, pipe, and drape you can create almost any look you want.

Before you start your process of putting together your pipe and drape, you should learn the lingo. Here are a few of the terms you should get to know.

  • Drape: This is the curtain part of the ensemble. These can be made from a number of fabrics and just about any color. You can get really creative when it comes to the drapes, such as combining two to create a different look. Say you have one drape with a color and you add a curtain that is sheer, you really get a different look. You have options such as satin drapes, polyester wedding drapes, and velour theatre drapes, among others.

  • Pipes: You have both horizontal and vertical pipes for the pipe and drape framework. For the horizontal part, you can generally adjust it within a specified range. The most popular option is a crossbar that goes from 6 feet to 10 feet in width. The vertical piping can be just one piece (Fixed), two pieces (Break Apart), or Telescoping / Adjustable, depending on your specific needs.

  • Bases: You need a foundation to keep the vertical Upright pipes standing up, and it starts with the right size and weight for your base plates. If your display is larger or heavier, or will be using very heavy drapes, you may also want to consider using rubber base weights to provide additional weight to your pipe and drape set-up.

  • Pole covers: an optional part of pipe and drape, these cover the upright pipes that are part of the framework for the display. If you want the vertical poles to be more discreet, pole covers are a great way to hide them.

Pipe and drape can serve a number of purposes. In addition to setting the right mood and making a space have the right look or style, you can use it for other things. These can be used to break up a larger space into smaller areas, which works well for trade shows, conventions, and political events. If you need to create an area where you have speakers or performers can enter and exit a venue, you can use your pipe and drape to create an area where they can come-and-go outside of your audience's view.

If you are talking about trade shows exhibits, almost all (99%) experts in marketing say trade shows are unique in the opportunities they can provide a business. These can all benefit from using pipe and drape, pole covers, and the many other tools available to create a memorable space.

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