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Ways to Decorate a Church for Your Wedding
Planning the perfect wedding is always difficult, though it’s what we all strive for anyway. From invitations to budgeting to finding the right venue, the wedding preparation checklist can sometimes seem endless when you’re planning your special day. That’s why it’s important to read through this guide for ways to decorate a church for your wedding. By taking these tips to heart, you can make planning your special day that much easier and more enjoyable.

Take Advantage of the Church’s Color Scheme

Churches often feature bold color schemes inside, from the candy-colored stained-glass windows to the paintings on the walls to the precious-metal religious items adorning the altar. Whatever the church’s color scheme is, you might consider matching your decorations and flowers to it for a cohesive design. Instead of using a potentially clashing variety of colors, you can create more visual harmony by integrating a theme with your colors. This will help unify the venue and the event in a truly magical way. If there’s any event perfectly suited for a unity theme, it's a wedding.

Craft Creative Pew Vases

Pew vases are a delightfully simple way to decorate the seating area. This decoration is just as self-explanatory as it is affordable. Count the number of pews lining both sides of the center aisle, obtain small vases to place beautiful flowers in, and attach them to the pews with pew clips. Be careful when putting them together because a poorly constructed vase can tip or crack. However, if you put the amount of care into this task that you do with the other aspects of your wedding, they will be a delightfully welcome addition to the venue.

Consider Using Voile

Voile is a very simple fabric that comes in a multitude of colors that can be used as decoration in a variety of ways, such as bows at the end of each pew. Choosing the right voile to complement your color scheme can help bring the brilliant colors of the church to the pews and among all your guests. Voile is not only beautiful but also incredibly affordable. You can beautify your wedding without breaking the bank using this popular material.

Wedding Ceiling Drapes

Voile is nice for decoration, but using an elegant ceiling drape kit can help transform your venue into a true event (assuming your church allows for this). Ceiling drapes attach to the ceiling and are suspended over the guests. With the right lighting, your drapes can look more like an art installation than a simple party decoration. Ceiling drapes are particularly popular for reception venue decorating. At Pipe & Drape Online, we specialize in wedding ceiling drapes, so don’t be afraid to explore if you want to find the right drape kit for your special day.

Put Special Focus on Wedding Hot Spots

Wedding hot spots are the areas in which the bride and groom will be spending the most time. These are the areas that should receive the most detailed decorations. You don’t want the most beautiful decorations to be in the corner distracting people while the happy couple are saying their vows. Wherever the bride and groom are should always be the focal point of weddings, which is why the beauty around the couple should reflect that. Something as simple as adding a nice set of flowers next to where you’ll hold the unity ceremony can help accentuate the moment.

Celebrate with Wreaths

Similar to flowers, wreaths are a great way to unify the event in a beautiful way. You can place beautiful ceremonial wreaths with matching designs on the church doors. As gorgeous as churches are, sometimes decorations like wreaths can add an extra level of beauty to your special event. Another fun way of designing wreaths is to make them match the appearance of your wedding bouquet, once again bringing an added sense of unity to the event.

Spice up the Venue with Some Candles

Many churches have a number of candles placed throughout the altar. This means you can bring some candles of your own without making them feel out of place. The warm glow given off by candles brings serenity and beauty to any room, which is why your special day should have some as well. Even if your church has natural light, strategically placing candles in safe places around the venue can help enhance the parts of the church that aren’t properly lit by the sun. If you’re worried about safety, you can always use electric candles to avoid fire emergencies without compromising the effect of the candle’s glow.

Add Some Flavor with Flower Petals

Flowers are a popular go-to to spruce up any venue, especially when it comes to weddings. Those beautiful flowers don’t just have to be a great decoration for only pews and tables, they can enhance the ground too. Showering flower petals along the aisle is a nice way to make the walk to the altar pop before you even arrive. Flower petals can enhance the romantic atmosphere of the event, which is obviously a pretty important effect to capture during a wedding. As an added bonus, buying flower petals is much more affordable than buying a whole set of flowers, making it another stylish way to decorate your wedding without breaking the bank.

Make the Altar Your Centerpiece

Out of all the decorations you need to focus on, the altar should be top priority. This is going to be the centerpiece for your ceremony, and its design should reflect that. You can decorate your altar with flowers, flower petals, or wreaths. This will make a beautiful showcase while you say your vows.

There are many ways to decorate a church for your wedding. At the end of the day, it all comes down to finding the right decorations for your taste. You and your beloved are the center of this special day, and that should be reflected in everything at the venue, from the decorations to the excited guests who’ll be watching and celebrating the event with you. Once you find the right setup for you, you’ll truly be able to make the event an experience to remember.

Decorate a Church for Your Wedding

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