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Ways To Make Your Wedding Interactive

Weddings are about gathering together and celebrating a beautiful moment in a couple’s life. However, more effort goes into creating a warm, conversational atmosphere than a good seating arrangement—these ways to make your wedding interactive will help you create a memorable, electrifying evening.

The Power of Line Dancing

What do “Macarena,” “Cha-Cha Slide,” and “Cupid Shuffle” all have in common? They have a magnetic effect at events! It would help if you led the dance to encourage others to join you, but these songs are typically powerful enough to grab the attention of anyone who knows them. Even guests who don’t know these songs or their dances will discover that the moves are very easy to learn.

Those three options aren’t the only interactive wedding songs you can choose, but they’re arguably the best. At the end of the day, you want a popular song with a memorable dance that’s easy for newcomers to learn. Some good line dancing music is great for maintaining an exciting, energetic evening.

Have Some Lawn Games Ready

This is one of the best ways to make your wedding interactive because it provides some fun for kids and adults during the reception. Cornhole is a classic lawn game that is easy to play and engaging for all ages. Plus, oversized lawn games such as chess or Connect Four simultaneously create a fun social space and a stunning focal point.

If you have an indoor venue where a jumbo Connect Four set will take up too much space, smaller board games such as Jenga or even a deck of cards can give guests the perfect opportunity to socialize while indulging in some fun competition. Although they might not be your game of choice when you’re at home, games like these are the perfect tools for getting guests to interact with one another. As a result, you’re creating a conversational, inviting atmosphere for everyone.

Set up a Photo Booth

Since so many people can take high-quality photos on their cell phones nowadays, it’s easy to assume that photo booths are useless at weddings. However, photo booths are still great for two key reasons. First, they encourage guests to gather and have fun during the event. The right photo booth inherently imbues a space with a light, jovial atmosphere. Guests will consistently gravitate toward the booth.

Additionally, a nice photo booth can boost your event’s aesthetic and visual appeal. Remember, a photo booth doesn’t have to be some small, confined space like you’d see at a local Chuck E. Cheese. Instead, get creative with your space and set up a stylish pipe and drape backdrop with some props nearby. A backdrop kit is easy to set up, allowing anyone to swiftly design an attractive photo area.

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