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Ways To Encourage Social Distancing at Your Event

Although event planners are trying to adapt to COVID-19 protocols, it doesn’t mean getting attendees to do the same will be easy. To help you create a welcoming and safe environment for all attendees, this guide will breakdown three effective ways to encourage social distancing at your event.

Clearly Communicate Your Guidelines Through Signage

As nice as it would be for all the guests to just assume social distancing is a requirement and know how far a part they should be, the reality is that’s not the case. Clearly place signs at the entrance and within the venue to remind attendees social distancing is always a requirement.

Make sure the location of the signs, and lettering on them, are clearly visible for all passersby. Plus, if your event is going to include areas in which attendees must line up, you should have floor signage indicating six feet of distance between them and the people behind/in front of them. Furthermore, encourage attendees to speak out if they see another guest refusing to social distance. Nobody likes being a tattletale but, in this case, it’s crucial for keeping everyone safe and healthy during the festivities.

Be Mindful of Who You Invite

If you’re telling people to social distance, but you fill the venue to the brim with guests, they won’t be able to stand six feet apart even if they genuinely wanted to. After creating the guest list, but before sending out the invites, tally the attendees and cross-reference them with the size of the venue to ensure everyone can fit inside while maintaining six feet of distance.

It’s going to take some mathematical skills to get it done but making those calculations will be well worth the effort when everyone is having fun responsibly on the big day. Regardless of how many people you ultimately want to invite, it comes down to whether or not the venue will allow you to have that many people there. Check in with the venue before the day of the event to ensure they’re comfortable with the size of your party.

Responsibly Set Up Your Seating

Just like you have to be smart with your guest list and signage, the same principle goes for your seating arrangement. Strategic seating placement is key if you want to promote social distancing while guests are sitting down and partaking in activities, whether it’s talking with one another or watching someone give a speech on stage. When you’re setting up chairs for seating areas, ensure they’re all six feet apart. Consider placing floor signage below chairs indicating the proper distance between them. That way, if guests move chairs around during the event, they can readjust when necessary in order to remain at a safe distance.

These three ways to encourage social distancing at your event will ensure your big day is both fun and responsible. To help lighten the mood amidst the COVID-19 safety precautions, consider taking advantage of some beautiful adjustable pipe and drape kits. By decorating your event with high-quality drapes, you can create a comfortable atmosphere in spite of everyone being so far apart.

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