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Ways To Easily Cover Unappealing Walls at Receptions

Wedding receptions should be as lively and warm as the happy couple in the center of it all. The venue décor plays a key role in creating the right reception atmosphere, so if the walls are unappealing, it can negatively impact the big day. Thankfully, unattractive walls aren’t rare, nor are they difficult to spruce up. Below, we’ll take you through simple and stylish ways to easily cover unappealing walls at receptions.

Full Coverage

When you find a near-amazing wedding reception venue but notice the walls aren’t attractive, the desire to throw a cover over them is understandable. In fact, that solution is more suitable than you might expect. Pipe and drape backdrops are easy-to-install pieces of fabric that hang from above, flowing over the walls and showcasing a classy, colorful appearance.

This is one of the best ways to easily cover unappealing walls at receptions because it’s incredibly transformative; it’s like throwing a new coat of paint on the venue without actually painting anything. Plus, the enchanting textures of backdrop fabric make the wall stand out more lavishly than any can of paint will. Pipe and drape systems come in different sizes and colors, so finding one that fits your needs isn’t difficult. Many people assume transforming an unappealing venue requires a full makeover, but not always.

Sparse, but Stunning

Sometimes, a little can go a long way. Instead of completely covering the wall in fabric, consider using a handful of smaller drapes. Allow the fabric to spread across the wall in a way that makes it pop in a much prettier way. Be sure the colors match, though; you shouldn’t throw random fabrics at the wall and expect the problem to fix itself.

Using a full backdrop kit is a quick and effective solution to fix ugly venue walls. Still, if you want to breathe some new life into unappealing walls, use colors and fabrics that tie into the overall theme. For instance, if the reception venue wall is bright yellow, making that work with wedding décor without a full backdrop is tough. However, if the walls are black, white drapes will make a beautiful contrast and tie the walls into the overall theme.

You can crisscross the fabrics over the wall, creating a unique, colorful pattern. On the other hand, a particularly elegant solution is hanging a full backdrop and using tieback bands to reveal portions of the wall. For example, let the drape flow down the wall like normal, but push part of the fabric aside with the help of a tieback band, letting that wall show through but not enough for it to compromise your elegant aesthetic. These suggestions might sound strange to read, but when you have the backdrop and experiment with different positions, you’ll see exactly how an unappealing wall can become a brilliant accent.

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