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Velour Drapes

Velour drapes from Pipe And Drape Online are available in three ounce weights to meet any style and budget!

  • Our 10 oz. Velour drape panels, available in black, offer an inexpensive option for an approximately 70% opaque* fabric.

    For a more theatrical application, our 15.5 oz. Velour drapes, in black or white, are a great choice, providing approximately 90% light blocking* ability.

    For the most sound absorbing (note: not sound-proof) and approximately 99% opaque* option, check out our 24.5 oz. Velour drapes, available in black.
  • All of our Velour drape panels are 60 inches wide, made of machine washable 100% Polyester, and are Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR), passing the NFPA-701 fire code.
  • A minimum of 3 Velour drapes are recommended per 10 foot wide section (for 50% gathering).
*Opacity percentages are an estimate only, based on use in normal, indoor lighting conditions.

Wave Style Ceiling Drape Calculator

(in feet; usually between 3-5 feet)
*This is how far each swag will swoop down toward the floor before going back up toward the ceiling

Number of Swags
*This is how many times you want your single drape to swoop down

Total Length of the Room Being Swagged (in feet)

Length of Panel