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Using a Pipe and Drape Wedding Canopy – Easy, Flexible, and Versatile!

Posted by JC on 8/1/2017 to Pipe and Drape
Whether you’re an event planner, or you’re setting-up for your own DIY wedding, a pipe and drape wedding canopy is a great way to elevate the atmosphere of a ceremony.

Wedding Canopy made from pipe and drape

After all, few events in life are as important as the day when a happy couple says “I do”. With family and friends gathered to witness the start of an incredible journey, it’s natural that the bride and groom want everything to be perfect, including the ambiance of their ceremony.

And that’s where something as simple as a pipe and drape wedding canopy can really help.

Note: Different cultures use different terms for a wedding canopy (such as a chuppah, modern mandap, or any other variation). For consistency in this article, we’ll be referring to it simply as a “wedding canopy”.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using a canopy made from pipes and drapes:

A Pipe and Drape Wedding Canopy is EASY

One of the features that makes pipe and drape such a popular choice is that it’s super simple to work with. Here is all you’ll need for a basic wedding canopy structure:

Put those few parts together, and you have an absolutely gorgeous structure that screams romance.

Set-up time? About 10 minutes is all you’ll need to build a canopy. Allow a little bit of extra time if you’re going to be adding decorations to it (more on that later).

And there’s no need for permanent installation. By using pipe and drape for your canopy, you have a portable structure that is easy to set up and quick to take down when you’re finished. For party planners and event decorators who are setting-up a canopy every week, this benefit is extra useful!

A Pipe and Drape Wedding Canopy is FLEXIBLE

Sure, we make it easy to have all of the essential parts you need in a nice kit, but maybe you have a different idea for the height, width, or fabric.

No problem! While pipe and drape Wedding Canopy Kits are available to meet the needs of most couples, you always have the option of choosing your own components to build the set-up of your dreams.

From the height of the vertical Uprights, to the overall size of the canopy, to the drape fabric used, you’re never locked-in to having just one or two options.

So go tall, go wide, use a different fabric for the drapes – it’s YOUR wedding canopy…make it your own!

A Pipe and Drape Wedding Canopy is VERSTATILE

Speaking of making it your own, this is a great time to let your creativity shine!

Pipe & drape wedding canopy with flowers and layered drapes

Change up your drapes. Layer your fabric. Add floral arrangements. Include bows or tiebacks in a different color for a pop of contrast. There are endless possibilities for creating a unique canopy!

By using pipe and drape for your canopy, you can mix things up however you want, whenever you want. Now THAT’S versatility!

Couples looking for an easy, affordable, and totally customizable system will find that a pipe and drape wedding canopy meets all three criteria, and helps make their ceremony all the more spectacular and romantic.

So if you’re looking at a list of “must haves” that keeps growing, we hope that you’ll keep us in mind to help cross off one of them. And of course, if you have any questions about creating the perfect canopy for your wedding, we’re happy to help!

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