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ceiling drapes

Ceiling drapes aren't just for weddings. They can put the finishing touches on indoor events such as birthday parties and baby showers

When hosting a baby shower, here are a few unique and charming ways you can use ceiling drapes to make your baby shower a truly special memory.

Creating an event space

Whether you're hosting your baby shower in your home or you're having your baby shower elsewhere, you can create an amazing looking event using ceiling drapes and studio curtains. You can hang drapes to cover the walls, divide the room, or create your own “room within a room”, and then finish it off with stunning ceiling draping to tie it all together.

Create a studio curtain background

When you have a baby shower display, you want to make it stand out from the rest of your event space. You can utilize studio curtains and ceiling drapes to create a studio curtain background for your baby shower.

For instance, if you have a mermaid theme for your baby shower, you can set up blue event drapery to create the illusion of water. Event drapery allows you to use color for your baby shower display background without needing to paint the walls or hammer nails. This is especially beneficial if your baby shower is being hosted somewhere that isn't your own home where you may not be able to use nails to hang up decorations.

Set up a makeshift children's area

Drapes are a great way to create separation in a single room or event space. This is ideal when you want to create a children's area at your baby shower without outright putting the kids in a totally separate area.

Looking for ceiling drapes or other drapery?

If you're looking for event drapery to use for your baby shower, social gathering, or another major event as a way to put the finishing touches on your display, you're not alone. In fact, 39% of event planners said that escalating costs and budget/resource management are their biggest challenge.

Pipe and Drape Online offers ceiling drapes, studio curtains, velour drapes and more so you can create a great display for all your hosting events. For more information about our sheer drapes or other products, contact us today.

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