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Top Fabrics for Decorating Ceilings
There are many things to consider when you’re planning a big event. Whether you’re planning a wedding or a reunion, the various decorating processes involve some major differences and constants. For instance, in either case, you’ll need to make sure to get the right ceiling fabrics to bring the venue to life. With this guide to the top fabrics for decorating ceilings, you can successfully identify and track down the right ceiling drapes for your next event.


Something very special about gossamer is that it’s semi-translucent, which means you can get creative by layering different colors on top of one another. Additionally, it’s a very lightweight material, which makes it ideal for decorating ceilings.


This material is often lightweight as well as matte in appearance. Voile has a remarkable texture that makes the material truly stand out: it’s soft and airy, and it flows beautifully.


Satin is a smooth, opaque (or semi-opaque) fabric that comes with the best of both worlds. It typically has two distinct sides; for most satin fabrics, one side tends to be shinier, while the other side is more matte. You can utilize both to make your environment pop—it all depends on what looks right in your specific venue.


This sheer, lightweight material is known for its iridescent nature, which gives it a very dynamic color pattern. Chiffon’s unique appearance is sure to bring that wow factor to your venue, especially if you place it in the right lighting.


Tulle is a common choice because it’s one of the more affordable options—although in general, it’s not as dynamic in appearance as some of the choices above. This thin, lightweight fabric is great for bringing a classy atmosphere to a venue without being showstopping, making it a good choice for people who don’t want that over-the-top wow factor but who do want to bring an elevated elegance to a venue.

By sifting through the top fabrics for decorating ceilings, you can find the best material for your event. Find something that really brings your venue, theme, and creative voice to life in a beautiful way. Special events call for special preparation, such as finding some gorgeous decorations that make your venue reflect the excitement of your event, not the other way around. Luckily, Pipe & Drape Online has a wide selection of ceiling drape kits that can transform your event from nice and comfortable to iconic and unforgettable.

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