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Tips for Using Backdrops at Prom

Planning a good prom takes a lot of work. From music to catering to staff, there are many aspects of these events that require special attention. One of the features you certainly should not forget about is prom photos. Like most proms, your event should probably have an area where friends and couples alike can take pictures to carry with them for the rest of their lives. To make sure you have the right set up for your event, here are successful tips for using backdrops at prom.

Decide Whether You Want to Rent or Buy

While a prom backdrop is far from the biggest expense that you’ll have each year, “to rent, or to buy?” is still something you should consider. Before making your decision, think about any other uses that you may have for the backdrop at your school.

Perhaps the drama & theater department could use the backdrop on stage for school performances. The same backdrop could also be utilized for graduation ceremonies.

Certainly, if you have multiple uses, it wouldn’t be cost-effective to rent each and every time. And if you’re worried that the royal blue drapes used for prom wouldn’t match the desired look for other events (such as black drapes for theatrical performances, or white drapes for graduation), remember that changing the look of a backdrop is as simple as swapping out the drapes while using the exact same backdrop framework!

In the end, if you know the school would be using a backdrop again next prom season, and it can also be used for a multitude of other school functions, then purchasing a backdrop would be a good investment.

Use a Backdrop that Pops

Whether you decide to rent or buy, your backdrop is important because not only will it entice visitors to come over for a photo, but it will also enhance the overall quality of the picture. The backdrop you choose should reflect the bright, gleeful atmosphere of the event itself. Several different materials can create this effect, from shiny, metallic fabrics to bold, velour drapes. Most importantly, the backdrop you use should reflect the event’s overall theme.

Stick to a Theme

Most, if not all, school proms have a theme. This theme usually fuels the style of the music, lights, and overall atmosphere students will experience. That’s why you should take this into consideration when shopping for backdrops. If the prom is adopting something like a classic “Starry Night” theme, your backdrop could be a brilliant display of stars. Whether the theme is location-focused or period-focused, your backdrop should utilize the same ideas.<

Utilizing these tips for using backdrops at prom will help solidify the photography area as a must-see part of the dance. No students want to celebrate their prom night with a photo in front of a boring backdrop. By choosing a stunning backdrop kit and crafting it to reflect the epitome of everything great about your prom, you can help create memories for those students that they’ll cherish for years.

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