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Tips for Choosing the Right Photography Backdrop
Photography is a field that lends itself to endless creative possibilities. Because of that, it can sometimes be tough to reign in that creativity and focus on the more technical details, such as your backdrop. Luckily, these tips for choosing the right photography backdrop will teach you what to keep in mind when planning a photoshoot. Whether you’re taking photos at a prom or a trade show, these tips will show you how to plan accordingly.

Consider Your Shooting Space

The size of your shooting space will help you determine what size your backdrop needs to be. It’s best to use as big of a backdrop as possible to provide versatility to your set—within reason, of course. For instance, shooting prom photos in the typical prom photo style, as opposed to headshots, is perfectly fine. However, if you can be a bit more creative with the way you frame subjects for your client, go for a large—preferably portable—backdrop.

The large size allows you to try various shooting distances and angles, while the portability allows you to easily move your gear around if you must adjust your shooting location for any reason.

Stick to a Theme

Your backdrop needs to be consistent with your shoot’s overall theme. Whether the theme of your shoot is fun or professional, your backdrop needs to reflect that. For example, a driver’s license photo shouldn’t feature the driver against a goofy backdrop. However, prom photos lend themselves to flashy, glamorous backdrops. Always keep this in mind because, even though a backdrop may appeal to you, it might not be the right choice for the specific client.

Always Have a Plan

Whichever way you choose to implement the two points above, you have to enter your set with a plan. This doesn’t mean you need to establish a plan that you have to 100% stick to the entire time; you just need some sort of plan that outlines how you want to frame your subject with the chosen backdrop.

Trying new, unique ideas that you discover while shooting can yield great results. However, you need to have a plan that provides you with the foundation from which your new ideas can grow. Without a good plan, you can find yourself in trouble after discovering that the backdrop you chose isn’t quite the best option for obtaining the results the client wants.

These tips for choosing the right photography backdrop will help you capture the best images possible for your clients. At Pipe & Drape Online, we can help you find and obtain useful photography gear such as backdrop panels. Once you have the right gear by your side, you’ll be ready to impress your next client and, hopefully, each client after that.

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