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choosing drapery

When it comes to planning a theatrical production, set and prop design are both major components of the planning process. And while there are various elements that need to be chosen, choosing drapery for productions is a big decision. Drapery and curtains help separate the audience from the stage and let everyone know when the show is about to begin. So to help you choose the right drapery for your show, here are a few tips to consider.

Choose the right fabric: First things first, you need to figure out which fabric is best. If you're in need of formal theater drapes, you may want to go with a more luxurious material, like velour drapes. But for something more casual, you could consider something like a basic polyester. However, you should be mindful of how see-through the material is, how wrinkle-resistant it is, and what colors are available. Considering all of these elements will help you choose the right fabric.

Know what size you need: Along with choosing drapery fabrics, you need to figure out what size you need. Fortunately, drapery comes in a wide variety of sizes -- while the tallest curtains in the world are in Oslo, Norway, reaching 213.25 feet, you probably don't need something as nearly as large. Measurements should include both height and width -- if there are already curtains in place, simply measure those and go off of those measurements. It's important to get the measurements accurate to ensure the stage will be covered.

Keep safety in mind: Whenever you're choosing drapery, safety should be a main priority. You need to think about whether or not the fabric is fire-resistant to ensure it complies with any fire regulations that are in place. Additionally, you need to make sure the curtains can be hung easily and properly -- the last thing you want to happen with heavy theater curtains is for them to fall. So always keep safety in mind along with aesthetics.

Hopefully these simple tips will guide you in selecting the right drapery for your production. Keeping size, material, and safety in mind will help you find the curtains that best suit your needs.

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