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ceiling draping fabric options

When considering all of the things you have to do for your wedding, you may not consider what the ceiling is going to look like. After all, most people will be paying attention to the bride, but we rarely give credit to everything that comes into view, including the ceiling. When it comes to design many places are scaled for particular intentions, and wedding venues can often be in multi-purpose event spaces that have high ceilings with exposed ducts or are generally not in keeping with the décor theme. In these cases, draping fabric from the ceiling can create that vital sense of intimacy that effectively contextualizes the atmosphere of a wedding so that your guests get the perfect feeling of romance from the event from top to bottom and inside out. Proper draping creates an elegant, warm feeling and can bring the entire decoration of your wedding together seamlessly. Know these top ceiling draping fabric options and you will create the perfect look for your magical day.

Sheer Voile: This sheer yet durable fabric is a classic choice for wedding drapes. Voile is a light, airy fabric that is perfect for ceiling draping; it gives then entire room a feeling that is very organic and natural. When draped, it creates easy and elegant curved lines and layers. Its lightweight quality makes the draping process fairly simple and its transparency will allow light to shine through it. Voile is considered a wide draping fabric, measuring at 118 inches. With drapery made of voile, your wedding will have a fairy tale feel that uses the best of the natural elements.

Poly Satin: For a more opaque ceiling draping fabric option, poly satin is a top contender. The finish on satin draping is glossy, creating a romantic and intimate feel for your big day. Poly satin is perfect for white drapes for a wedding, as it can easily mimic a bride's elegant gown, tying it all together. It is also available in other colors, allowing you to run with any almost theme that you can think of. As many satin fabrics are typically more on the opaque spectrum, very little light will make it through the fabric. This won't matter much if your reception is taking place at night and it will create a feeling of night-time fun.

Poly Premier: This fabric is subtle, but creates a stunning draping effect and is a great option for wedding drapes. The texture of poly premier is similar to that of a fine dining restaurant's table linens. This is ideal if you want your wedding decor to be simple and classic. Poly premier is another fairly opaque option and looks great in white, but it can be dressed up with sashes for an eye-catching pop of color.

A traditional wedding in America has an average cost of $35,329, and you want to make sure that every penny is well-spent. While there are many ceiling draping fabric options out there, you're sure to find wedding perfection with one of these tried and true fabric choices.

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