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The Benefits of Sneeze Guards in a Restaurant

To safely operate a restaurant during the Coronavirus pandemic, you’ll have to make some important changes around the workplace. One of the most effective steps to take is installing sneeze guards where appropriate. Below, we’ll break down the benefits of sneeze guards in a restaurant to illustrate how effective they can be at keeping everyone inside safe and comfortable.

Keeps Customers and Employees Safe

Through sneezing and coughing, we expel thousands of respiratory droplets into the air. As these droplets spread through the environment, they can cause others to come into contact with harmful and contagious pathogens. Sneeze guards act as a barrier between employees and customers, limiting the exposure to droplets during interactions.

To assist with business activities like payments, some sneeze guards come with designated openings for passing materials back and forth. Although social distancing is crucial, sometimes, employees and customers must be closer than six feet apart to complete tasks. Luckily, sneeze guards play a key role in keeping those interactions as safe as possible.

Provides Everyone Peace of Mind

Thanks to the safety that sneeze guards provide, setting them up in the workplace will make customers and employees feel more comfortable, especially during this pandemic. If an employee is interacting with customers every day and there’s no protective barrier between both parties, employees may feel anxious and unsafe. Additionally, now more than ever, customers don’t want to be inside a restaurant without seeing that those in charge are taking preventative measures to minimize the spread of pathogens in the air.

The benefits of sneeze guards in a restaurant are invaluable. To run a restaurant and a bevy of other businesses responsibly, it’s important to implement measures like sneeze guards. If you need sneeze guards for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help. At Pipe & Drape Online, we have a variety of sneeze guards for sale that you can use to keep your workplace safe, comfortable, and responsible.

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