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skirt clips For nearly as long as there have been tables, there have been tablecloths and table skirts to adorn them. Whether you're planning a wedding, hosting a booth at a trade show, or are throwing a graduation party, you're probably going to want to cover up your tables -- both for practical and aesthetical reasons -- with something nice. Table skirts add an extra level of classiness and flair to an otherwise plain piece of furniture.

Styles And Types

The kind of table skirt (and table skirt clips) you settle upon depends on your personal preference and the theme of the party or get-together.

  • Bow Tie Pleat: Because bow tie pleats are more elegant, they are favored when choosing wedding linens. They match white drapes for a wedding, as well as satin or sheer drapes, very well. If you're hosting a classy affair, bow tie pleats look great.

  • Box Pleat: Box pleats are more simplified and straightforward. As one of the most common styles of pleats available, they hang flat and in smaller pleats than continuous pleat table skirts.

  • Continuous Pleat: Continuous pleats are larger, and have a more generic feel to them. They make great choices for trade show booths and conference events, which 61.2% of organizers say are the second most popular type of event to plan.

  • Shirred Pleat: To "shirr" means to gather (an area of fabric) by means of drawn or elasticized threads in parallel rows. As a result of this technique, shirred pleats look a lot more playful and casual, yet can still maintain an elegant aesthetic.

Of course, you also need to make sure that your tablecloth and table skirt stay firmly attached to the actual table. Table skirt clips are used for this purpose: the skirt clips have a hook (rough) side that attaches to the hook (soft) side that is sewn onto the top back portion of the table skirt.

Table skirts offer hosts an easy way to spruce up their party venue. Because of their versatility, table skirts are also a wonderful investment; one purchase can last for several different occasions. If you've got a big event coming up, make sure to remember the table skirts!

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