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church curtains

If you are looking for a change of scenery for your church, or you find there's a space you would like to cover, pipe and drape temporary curtains are the answer. Pipe and drape curtains are an excellent way to produce a beautiful aesthetic in your space. When it comes to church curtains, pipe and drape is easy to assemble and easy to move around, making your church events more inviting and fun! Here are some ways you can use pipe and drape curtains in your church.

1. Church Stage Backdrop
If your church has a stage, adding drapery will create a flexible backdrop no matter what the stage is used for. There are a variety of fabrics, colors, textures, and patterns that you can choose from that will make the stage look amazing!

2. Accent Feature Behind the Altar
Church curtains can transform your altar space into a beautiful and respectful display of your faith.

3. Obscure a Closet Door
If your church space has unsightly doors in unwanted places, strategic curtain placement can cover them up without taking away from any needed storage area.

4. Cover a Storage Area
If your storage space is not in a closet or otherwise out of line-of-sight, pipe and drape will cover the space you need while maintaining or improving the overall aesthetic within your place of worship.

5. Create a Welcoming Setting for a Bible Study Group
Pipe and drape curtains can be used to divide a space into smaller rooms, allowing your groups to meet in a welcoming intimate setting.

6. Add Aesthetic Interest to Your Next Event
You may want to create individual spaces or add a backdrop to your next event. Pipe and drape systems are temporary and portable which makes them easy to move wherever you need them.

Pipe and drape temporary systems and church curtains make an excellent addition to many applications in your house of worship. The variety of uses for this versatile drapery makes them an ideal solution for all your church's needs. By investing in pipe and drape you are creating a long-term solution, as these curtains can be used now for whatever you need, and then moved later when that need changes. And by choosing to avoid permanent construction projects, you are avoiding disruption of your regular church services.

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