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Replacement Edge Protection
Edge Protection Only - Base Not Included

Replacement Edge Protection

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Replacement Base Edge Protection for 3/16'' Thick Base Plates

  • Replacement Edge Protection for 3/16 inch thick Base Plates. Please be sure to select the appropriate Base size(s) from the options when ordering, and note that Edge Protection does not fit on the edge of our Ultra-Heavy / Heavy Duty 3/8 inch thick Bases (SKUs B508 and B509).

  • This is a semi-flexible plastic U-channel strip that is applied to the outer edges of a Base.

  • Edge Protection helps better protect hands and flooring from the potentially sharp edges and corners of Base plates. Our Bases are stamped out of spools of steel, and can have an occasional bur or raw edge as a result -- Edge Protection helps guard against those, although keep in mind that we always recommend wearing work gloves when handling any of our metal component parts.

  • Edge Protection strips are Black.

  • Quantity 1 = Edge Protection for 1 Base Plate (of the Base Size selected). Actual Base and other hardware is sold separately.

  • Please note that you will need to apply the strips to your Base, which is as easy as pressing on the U-channel Edge Protection onto the Base's outside edge. Because the strips have an adhesive on the interior of the channel (effective holding strength between -15ºF and 155ºF / -26ºC and 68ºC), and will be of different lengths to match the sides of the selected Base, we suggest first holding the strip next to the portion of the Base to ensure that you are putting the correct strip on the correct edge of the Base before applying it directly to the metal.

  • IMPORTANT: This Edge Protection works with our Bases, but may not be compatible with models that are sold by other manufacturers or suppliers (their base thickness and sizes may differ from our Bases, etc.).

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