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Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Church Event
The key to all the guests having a good time at your next church event lies in the preparation, which should be meticulous. Don’t worry, pulling this off is not as stressful as it might sound. This quick guide to the most common mistakes to avoid when planning a church event will help you stay on track during the whole process.

Not Having a Back-Up Plan

It’s important to have contingencies in place for a variety of factors because it’s normal for random problems to occur during events. For instance, if an HDMI cord sustains damage or simply refuses to work, having backups will quickly resolve the issue. Plan B's don’t just apply to equipment, however.

If you’re planning an outdoor event, you must have an indoor option at your disposal. Make sure to keep up-to-date with weather reports so you can be aware of the likelihood that you’ll experience heavy rain. A sunny, beautiful summer afternoon can quickly turn into a gloomy, rainy disaster. If your outdoor event, such as a church picnic, fair, or service, comes to a halt because of rain and you don't have a backup plan, you're going to wind up with a lot of annoyed, confused guests and nowhere for them to go.

Failing to Hire Enough Staff Members

If you have a headcount of the attendees coming to the event, which you certainly should, you have to hire enough staff members to keep up with them. Have a set amount of people to work in specific areas like the parking lot, rides, ticket booths, and any other important areas of your event.

Additionally, keep a strong line of communication between you and any vendors at the event to make sure they also have enough staff members. If there’s a huge line at each food and beverage vendor because they’re understaffed, it will only end up with everyone frustrated. Suffice it to say, keeping everyone happy and smiling is a pretty important part of event planning.

Incorrectly Setting Up Equipment

Setting up equipment such as speakers, microphones, TV screens, and other gear should happen well in advance of the event’s start time. Allow your crew enough time to set everything up and run tests to make sure it’s all functioning. That way, if you find an issue with any monitors or sound equipment, you can fix it before the guests arrive instead of while they’re trying to enjoy themselves.

These mistakes to avoid when planning a church event can throw a wrench in a day that should be full of fun. Sometimes these issues during an event are unavoidable, but with the right preparation, dealing with them will be swift and easy. At Pipe & Drape Online, we can provide you with additional decorations to make your venue stand out in an eye-catching way. For example, we sell ceiling drape kits wholesale that can make a room go from mundane to marvelous in minutes.

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