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Large Clip Rod Support - 33" to 43" Long

Large Clip Rod Support - 33" to 43" Long

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  • Large Clip Rod Support for hanging a banner / signage, adding a drape or two to close off a small area of a booth or backdrop, or to complete your coverage on a narrow remaining section, without the need for an Upright and Base!

  • Telescopes between 33 inches wide (minimum) and 43 inches wide (maximum).

  • Easy installation in seconds simply by slipping the Clip Support Rod onto the edge of any of our Uprights (recommended on Fixed or Adjustable; though this item can be used on our Break Apart Upright, there may be an increased amount of leaning). If using on our 3 foot tall Upright, you would need to remove the chrome cap on the top of the Upright.

  • Note: this part will cover 1 of the slots in your Upright, which will make that slot inaccessible for a connecting Support Rod.

  • Made from a metal clip and extendable aluminum rod.

  • Quantity 1 = 1 Large Clip Rod Support.

  • IMPORTANT: This product is intended for hanging light weight items, such as a light banner or a drape or two, and with as evenly distributed weight as possible. Do not exceed a total weight of more than 10 lbs., and do not put all of the weight load on one side (particularly the very outside / end of the rod). This product is not intended to be used on a stand-alone Upright - it is designed to be placed on a complete system (a structure that has at least two Uprights and Bases with a Support Rod in between them). There may be some degree of downward sloping, especially if items weighing toward the maximum weight capacity are suspended and/or when the Clip Rod Support is extended.

Easily complete a short area in your pipe and drape display
Finish off a short run without the need for another Upright and Base (shown in the White drapes at the right hand side), or hang a banner.

Partially enclose a 3 sided pipe and drape set-up
Partially enclose a portion of a 3 sided set-up.

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