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What if we told you that you could extend the life of your pipe and drape Uprights, and at the same time set-up gorgeous backdrops with a smooth, seamless drape line at the top?

That's exactly what you'll get with DuraTop!

Designed to make your Upright pipes last longer, and make your event look better, DuraTop is Pipe And Drape Online's new optional upgrade for any 1.5 inch diameter model -- Fixed, Break Apart, or Adjustable / Telescoping.

Why choose DuraTop for your uprights?

DuraTop means DURABILITY

This Upright top piece is made of rugged steel, so you'll no longer have to worry about torn slots that happen with the normal wear-and-tear of regularly setting up your backdrops.

If you're setting-up and breaking-down your pipe and drape on a consistent basis, investing in the DuraTop upgrade is a great option for making your uprights last longer!

DuraTop gives you more options

With the DuraTop, you can choose to hook your Drape Support Rod / Crossbar into the lower slots to match your existing inventory, or you can use the upper slots to build pipe and drape backdrops with a clean, smooth drape line at the top (more on this benefit a bit further down).

More options means more flexibility! If you have existing uprights with the traditional punched-out slots, you can still use DuraTop to match the Crossbar placement going across your system. Or, if you're starting with a fresh system, DuraTop gives you the option to use the upper slots for your set-up!

No hump, no bump, no problem!

When you use traditional uprights, the only slots that you can use creates a gap between where the crossbar sits in the slot and the top of the upright.

This is sometimes referred to as a "bump" or "hump", and it creates an uneven look to the drape line at the top of your system (especially if you're using multiple spans that are connected together).

DuraTop's upper slots make your Drape Support Rod / Crossbar situated more flush with the top of your upright. No bump, no hump, and it lets you easily hide the upright behind the drape:

This is especially useful when you have a pipe and drape backdrop that consists of multiple sections that are connecting together. Using the upper slots in the DuraTop, your backdrop will look incredible with a consistent drape line going across the top!

Upgrade your uprights to DuraTop today!

We offer DuraTop by itself as a retro-fit piece to add to your existing inventory, as well as pre-installed on any of our upright models.

Consider adding DuraTop to your pipe and drape inventory and enjoy longer lasting Uprights that help you create more amazing backdrops! And of course, if you have any questions about DuraTop, remember that we're always happy to help.

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