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In Line Booth

Pipe and Drape Trade Show Booths - Inline
In Line Pipe and Drape Trade Show Booths - a common trade show booth setup for the outside perimeter of an exposition. We make it easy to purchase all of the parts that you'll need for the configuration that your floor plan requires!

In Line Trade Show Booths connect side-by-side, in a line. The back wall is adjustable between 6 and 10 feet wide, and the side walls are adjustable between 6 and 10 feet deep to create standard 10x10 trade show booths.

To get started: Determine which drape fabric - Banjo or Premier - you would like for your trade show booths. Then, for each run of In Line Booths, you will first need a Single Booth - this will start the run. To add In Line booths to that same run, you will need a Connector for each additional booth that you want to add. For example, if you need a run of 10 In Line Booths, you would require (1) Single Booth and (9) Connectors.

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Single Premier Booth Package
Trade Show Booth with IFR Poly Premier drapes. Stand out at your next convention or job fair!
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$366.32 $293.80
Single Banjo Booth Package
Pipe and drape trade show booth with Banjo cloth drapes. Includes all hardware and fabric.
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$365.29 $295.98
In Line Booth Premier Connector Package
Connects to our Single Premier Booth to add an In Line booth to the row. Includes hardware + drapes.
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$234.64 $188.88
In Line Booth Banjo Connector Package
Adds an In Line trade show booth to our Single Banjo Booth Kit. Comes with IFR Banjo cloth drapes.
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$232.62 $190.18