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How to Determine Drapery Fullness
Drapery fullness is essentially the amount of fabric you use to cover an area. You can choose to use flat drapery but, by utilizing fullness, you can achieve a more visually appealing look. If you want to enhance the aesthetic of your drapes, whether you’re preparing them for a photoshoot or decorating a special event, you need to know how to determine drapery fullness.

Factors to Consider

Every event calls for its own unique presentation. When choosing the right décor, you have to abide by several factors, such as what you can use in the venue and what sort of style your event requires. At the end of the day, when determining how much drapery fullness your event calls for, there are three factors you should always keep in mind:

  • Purpose
  • Design
  • Budget

Drape Styles

These are the key parameters you have to work within when determining drapery fullness. However, there are different drape styles you can use to achieve a certain aesthetic. For instance, you can use a ripplefold design to add extra depth to the drapes. Ripplefold designs achieve this with the help of waves in the fabric that can differ in depth and length, depending on what the venue calls. Or, you can go with a pinch pleat design, which gets its name from the pleats formed by pinching the fabric together to create an elegant, stylish look.

Drape Measurements

When it comes to determining specific measurements, the standard fullness multiplier is 2x the size of the area you’re covering with the fabric. Essentially, you should use twice as much fabric as you’d use if it were a flat curtain.

By doubling the width of a flat curtain, you achieve 100% fullness. This means that if you’re covering an area of 50 inches, you’ll need 100 inches of fabric to get proper fullness. You can adjust the ratio depending on the specific factors above, but this is the base ratio you should use for determining fullness.

Now that you know how to determine drapery fullness, you can enhance your venue’s style with ease. At Pipe And Drape Online, we can provide you with the right equipment for handling and displaying drapes, such as draping poles, so you can bring your vision for the venue to life.

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