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How To Use Drapery Weights Properly

Drapes can add rich, unique visual appeal to any room when used correctly. That’s why, if you’re setting up drapes for an event and notice that they aren’t quite straight enough, you’ll need to make some minor adjustments. Don’t worry, the process requires a little bit of sewing, but it’s relatively stress-free. Today, we’ll break down how to use drapery weights properly so you can use your drapes to their full, fabulous potential.

There are multiple types of drapery weights available, with the two most common being chain weights and covered weights. Chain weights are, as the name suggests, weights linked together in a line, or chain. Covered weights, on the other hand, are individual weights that look like patches. So which one of these weights is going to help you make those drapes as gorgeous as can be? Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, because both types of weights are equally effective.

When placing covered weights inside drapery, open up the hem and place the weights in both lower corners. How exactly you position the weights near these corners will depend on what’s best for straightening out your specific set of drapes. Sometimes, you’ll only need to place them about a half-inch from the sides, but sometimes you’ll have to position them closer to two inches from the sides. When you find the right position for the weights, sew them into the drapery. For this step, use thread that matches the color of the drapes, so it provides a near-invisible seam when you’ve finished the process.

After putting the weights in position, the most important test to put them through is the visual test. The whole purpose of adding these weights is to make your drapery hang evenly and smoothly, so take the time to inspect it and make adjustments if necessary before sealing the hems shut. In the case of a chain weight, you simply need to measure the length of the drape and match it to the length of the weight itself. Open up the hem at the sides, slide the chain inside, sew both ends of the chain into the fabric, and close both ends of the hem—easy as that.

Now that you know how to use drapery weights properly, you can prevent sloppy-looking, crooked drapes from causing you major stress on the day of the event. If you’re searching for drapes for your next event, these inexpensive ceiling draping kits wholesale will help you add rich visual appeal to the venue with ease.

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