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How To Reopen In A Safer Way - Preparing For The New Normal
With more and more businesses, schools, restaurants and other establishments beginning the process of re-opening, it's more important than ever that we take extra precautions in order to keep our employees and customers alike safe and at ease.

At Pipe and Drape Online, we're committed to helping you re-open with the proper supplies in place to have a successful reopening in the new normal, and at the same time, do so in a more affordable way.

Printed Face Masks

Show off your branding while keeping safe with our printed face masks.

Top health agencies highly recommend that every person 2 years or age and older wear a face mask, as long as they are medically able to do so. Wearing a face mask has been shown to help slow the spread, and we're happy to offer custom printed face masks so that you can show off your branding while helping your employees play a role in maintaining a safer environment.

Show off your logo in style - perfect for reopening schools, churches, businesses, restaurants, and more! Our Polyester fabric face masks are washable and reusable, and they're dye sublimated for full color prints. Convenient online ordering with a low minimum quantity (only 12 pieces!), no set-up charge, and free shipping to the United States, our face masks are budget-friendly fashionable facewear.

Clear Sneeze Guards / Isolation Dividers

Create a sneeze guard divider between employees, or employees and customers, or between customers with our clear Vinyl isolation kits.

You're increasingly seeing sneeze guards and dividers set up at store checkout lanes, between chairs at hair dressers and salons, separating equipment (such as treadmills) at gyms, and at front desks in office buildings, to name a few.

We couldn't help but notice that acrylic sneeze guards and plexiglass dividers were being sold for hundreds to thousands of dollars for a single set-up. And we knew that our existing pipe and drape product line could easily work in conjunction with heavy duty vinyl serving as the separator, all at a fraction of the cost of acrylic and plexiglass.

What you'll get is a sneeze guard / divider that is taller and wider than most alternatives, and completely portable. Setting up our sneeze guard takes only about 5 to 10 minutes, and you can quickly move it from one side of the room to the other, or to a different room entirely!

Because it's a modular system, it's super simple to add additional width, or create shapes such as a "U" (open front booth), a fully enclosed booth, an "L" (right angle), a "T" (long back wall with center divider), and more! This flexibility cannot be replicated by most of those considerably more expensive acrylic systems!

Vinyl Draping

Use any open ended drapery rod, tension bar, or wire to hang your Vinyl sneeze guard drape panel.

If you already have an existing pipe and drape system, or you have a different idea for implementing a divider, we also offer the same heavy duty Vinyl sneeze guard draping that is found in our kits as individual drape panels.

With a 4 inch rod pocket located on the top, all you need is a sturdy open-ended drapery rod, tension rod, or hanging wire, and you have a durable crystal clear divider panel that you can use however you want! We offer a few of the most popular heights, including 6 1/2 feet tall, 8 feet tall, and 10 feet tall, but as a manufacturer we can make any height that you need for your specific application. Contact us and we'll be glad to assist.

Social Distancing Stanchions

Create pathways, guide guests to entrances and exits, and ensure 6 feet of social distancing spacing with our custom stanchions.

Form pathways, create social distancing separators, and guide your guests with any message you want to show with our pipe and base crowd control stanchions.

Each sleek stanchion includes two vertical posts, 2 base plates, 1 horizontal pipe in your choice of width (from as narrow as 3 feet to as wide as 12 feet!), a fabric cover for the horizontal pipe, and an 18 inch wide custom printed sign featuring any message that you enter for the product option! Your sign can read "Social Distance", "Keep 6 Feet Apart", "Please Use Other Door", or any wording that you want to be seen!

Setting up your stanchion is a breeze, taking one person less than 5 minutes on average. This is an inexpensive way to help your guests know where they should, or should not stand, what door to use as an entrance / exit, or ensure 6 feet of space between customers.

Pipe and Drape Backdrop Kits

Pipe and Drape has long been an inexpensive way to divide space and create new areas within a room.

With many businesses having limitations on the number of guests allowed at one time, your current space may be a bit too large at the moment. For many years, even pre-pandemic, our Pipe and Drape Backdrop Kits have solved the issue of "this space is bigger than we need right now".

With many heights, fabrics, and colors available, we're sure to have the perfect backdrop kit for your space. From lighter weight Polyester drapes to heavy, plush Velour, you're able to match the style and theme of your business, school, restaurant, and so much more. And best of all, because our backdrops are free-standing structures, there is no need for permanent construction -- your pipe & drape kit can be used wherever, and whenever, you need.

Reopen in a Safer Way

We all look forward to the day where we can walk around without a mask, pack the restaurants and live entertainment venues, and carry on with life as we knew it before the pandemic. But until then, know that Pipe and Drape Online is here to help you transition smoothly into the new normal, and save your business, school, gym, or office as much money as possible along the way.

If you have any questions about any of our Emergency Relief supplies, or need any advice, give us a call, email, or live chat -- we look forward to talking to you soon.

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