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How To Put up a Pipe and Drape Backdrop

Pipe and drape backdrops provide an easy way to add a touch of class and visual appeal to photoshoots, school events, and other special occasions. In order to achieve the remarkable results your event deserves, you need to learn how to put up a pipe and drape backdrop the right way. Don’t worry — setting up these backdrops is incredibly easy once you know where everything goes. This guide will walk you through the process in a clear, concise way.

Know Your Distance

First, take your two bases and place them at the distance you need to cover a specific area. The distance between the two bases will match the length of your crossbar (also known as your support rod). If you’re setting up a 6 foot wide crossbar, that’s how far apart your bases need to be. Once you have the bases in place, you can insert the base pin.

Connecting the Bases To the Base Pins

Find your base pin and remove the screw from the bottom of it. Push the screw through the bottom of the base, with the head of the screw sitting snug against the flat section of the base (as opposed to the raised section). When installing the screw, place it inside the center hole of the base if you are using it in a high foot traffic area. This will make it just as stable as it is stunning to look at. However, using the other holes when necessary will also provide the drapes with suitable support, particularly if it is not being used in a high foot traffic area. If you are installing your base pin in one of the other holes, and it is in a more heavily trafficked area, then having a rubber base weight can help out and keep your system more stable.

Next, with the raised section facing upward, begin screwing the base pin onto the base. Attach one base pin to each base.

Setting Up Your Uprights

Now, find both your uprights and slide them onto their respective bases, over the pin that you attached to your base in the prior step. Be wary of which end of the upright pipe is facing upward. You'll want to ensure that the end with the slots cut-out right near the end is up overhead (not over the base pin) because those slots are there for you to attach to the crossbar (horizontal) pipe.

The Grand Finale

When the uprights are in place, gather your drape panel and crossbar. Locate the rod pocket on the drape panel and slide the crossbar inside of it. Once the crossbar is inside the drape panel, you're ready to hook the crossbar onto the upright pipes. The crossbar has a hook at each end, which you’ll simply slide into one of the slot openings that is located at the top of each upright.

Before celebrating too early, inspect the set up to make sure it looks as striking as it should. If you need to make adjustments to the fullness, height, or other factors, now is the time to do so. If you don’t need to make any adjustments, your backdrop is ready to serve as a brilliant addition to your venue for the evening. Now that you know how to put up a pipe and drape backdrop, you can use a backdrop kit to add a brilliant texture and atmosphere to any event you plan in the future.

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