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How To Properly Hang Fabric on a Ceiling

Setting up some gorgeous ceiling drapes is a simple process, but if you don’t know where to start, it can be a bit confusing. Suffice it to say, if you go through the trouble of buying some ceiling drapes and proceed to set them up incorrectly, you’ll become frustrated and wind up hurting the visual appeal of your event. Don’t worry—this guide will show you how to properly hang fabric on a ceiling in order to successfully bring some beauty and class to your next event.

While ceiling drapes are relatively simple to set up, you have to be careful about where you place them. For example, you can’t set up the drapes in an area that would cause them to block a fire exit, exit signs, sprinklers, and other crucial amenities. Plus, you have to consider how you’re going to anchor the drape panels to the ceiling. You can do this with magnetic hooks, zip ties, or even tensions wires.

The method you choose ultimately comes down to the specific area and material you’re attaching it to. Once you find a suitable anchor point and obtain a sufficient amount of drape panels for the area you want to cover, you can begin setting up the drapes.

You can effectively set up the drapes in a variety of ways, but this guide will show you how to properly hanging fabric on a ceiling using our ceiling drapes, which come with necessary components such as the ceiling hoop, acrylic rod, metal hooks, and more.

Bring the hoop to the area of the venue you want to set up the ceiling drapes and place it on the floor. Once the hoop is in position, you’ll have to open it up for the drapes. To do this, simply remove the nut and bolt that seal it. When the hoop opens, locate the designated rod pockets on the drape—this is what you’ll use to attach them to the hoop. Take all of the panels and slide them onto the hoop. After doing that, you’ll be able to shift the drapes around and get them into a position that looks breathtaking as opposed to bunched-up or unkempt.

If you’re happy with how the drapes look at this point, you can securely fasten the nut and bolt to close the hoop. If you’re not happy with how they look, now’s the time to make any changes. Once the drapes look brilliant and ready, seek out the designated acrylic rod pocket on each drape panel and slide a rod through them.

After putting an acrylic rod inside its designated pocket, place a positioning pin at the end. Repeat this step for each panel in order to keep the fabric secure between this point and the point at which you take the drapes back down from the ceiling. Finally, you can officially climb on a ladder and hang the drapes however you like, whether it be by magnetic hooks, tensions wires, and so forth.

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