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How Can I Use Pipe And Drape Displays To Transform My Event Space?

Posted by LO on 1/8/2020 to Decorating Ideas and Tips
How Can I Use Pipe And Drape Displays To Transform My Event Space?
Adjustable pipe and drape kits are a great way to construct a lightweight, portable, and cost-effective background for an unforgettable event. Whether it's making a wedding more memorable or framing a trade show booth, these kits can provide the solutions you need. When done right, pipe and drape can add an elegant fabric background that's the perfect solution for livening up any space, on any budget.

How do you use pipe and drape the right way?

Pipe and drape kits consist of fabric that's draped on horizontal aluminum poles, with the vertical poles being supported by steel bases. They're customizable, portable, and affordable. This means adjustable pipe and drape kits can be used anywhere for any type of event. You can add colors and layers of fabric to make your pipe and drape display more dramatic, or you can use a more simple pipe and drape booth to separate spaces at your venue.

What kind of events can pipe and drape be used for?

Pipe and drape can be used for any type of indoor event where drapes can add a stylish visual background. Here are some of the most common events where pipe and drape kits are used:

1. Business Conferences -- Conferences are the most popular type of events to plan, with up to 62.4% of professional organizers planning these types of events. Complete pipe and drape backdrops can provide an elegant background for business conferences. Pre-packaged / bundled backdrops of up to 14 feet tall are available, or a la carte vertical pipes can go as tall as 20 feet.

2. Trade shows -- Trade shows can be a major investment. Fortunately, with a pipe and drape booth, you can save your budget while making just as big an impact on potential customers.

3. Photo shoots -- When you're a photographer, you need a wide range of backgrounds that can be easily transported from venue to venue. Pipe and drape backgrounds can range anywhere from three feet tall to 14 feet tall and they're easy to put together and take apart when needed.

Looking for adjustable pipe and drape kits?

Pipe and Drape Online is your one-stop-shop for adjustable pipe and drape kits. Whether you're looking for wedding curtains and backdrops or formal theatre drapes for your next performance, Pipe and Drape Online has the perfect solutions for your next special event. For more information about our adjustable pipe and drape kits and other products, contact us today.

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