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How Backdrop Drapes Help You Stand Out at Trade Shows
According to 39% of event planners, the biggest challenges they encounter when managing trade show costs are budgeting and resource management. Setting up the perfect booth can be tricky, especially if you have a limited budget and resources. Fortunately, backdrop drapes are an incredible way to spruce up your booth while staying friendly with your budget. If you’re trying to set up the perfect trade show booth, here is why you should consider investing the perfect drapes to compliment your company.

Show Off Your Brand’s Colors

Many brands have associated corporate colors, and choosing drapery that reflects your unique color scheme can help draw people over. While minimalistic monochrome has its place, a pop of color is better for drawing attention, which is important especially at busy trade shows. Additionally, there are many different types of drapery available in various colors, patterns, and thicknesses. You can even control the fullness of your drapes by adjusting how many are used on the crossbars and how they are arranged. This can help add a greater sense of depth to your booth and give interested show-goers something to look at!

Using Backdrop Drapes for Exhibits

At many trade shows, vendors are required to use pipe and drape kits at their booths; however, this doesn’t mean you have to use one bland color and risk losing your identity under a bunch of fabric! Now is the time to think outside of the box and consider how you can utilize your drapes to show off your products. Consider incorporating pop up displays and banners, as well as giving a clean background that highlights what you’re exhibiting. This can prevent customers from becoming distracted by other things going on outside of your booth, and instead can help bring out the best of what you have to offer.

Adding Lights

No matter what color or fullness you backdrop drapes are, adding light can help truly bring them to life. If the venue allows, you can hang LED fairy lights in corporate colors against a white or black backdrop, or you can even add portable spotlights to provide uplighting that will illuminate your booth. Lighting can be a valuable tool when it comes to showing off at a trade show, and there are numerous ways to use them to create the atmosphere you need.

Backdrop drapes are used for many special occasions, from weddings and corporate gathering to church services and trade shows. As they can instantly add depth, color, and atmosphere to almost any space, it’s no wonder so many people are jumping to use them! When it comes to standing out at a trade show, backdrop drapes can be an essential part of creating a memorable and attention-grabbing booth. Available in almost any color you can imagine, and in numerous designs, they can help convey what your company is about while helping you stand out from the crowd.

If you’re getting ready for your company’s next trade show, consider investing in quality backdrop drapes. You can work with providers to create custom designs, as well as learn the sizes and styles that will work best for you. Don’t let the competition overshadow you at your next trade show, make your booth memorable and stand out from the crowd!

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