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Having your measurements in mind when starting your search for pipe and drape is a great way to save you time, and know that you're getting the best advice and correct pricing. And THAT:

Measuring your room for pipe & drape is much more accurate, and fun

How To Measure Pipe And Drape

Without measurements, there is no good way to assess what items you need. So, by having the following in mind, you'll save a LOT of time:


How tall would you like your pipe and drape system to be?

Be sure to measure the ceiling height -- that way you'll know the limit of how tall your pipe and drape system can be.

How tall is pipe and drape? We offer options for a variety of heights, from 3 feet tall all the way to 20 feet tall! Because there is no "standard height", it's especially important that you know the height clearance of the ceiling.


What is the width of the area that you will be covering with pipe & drape?

Use a tape measure to get the dimensions of the area that you are planning to set-up your display.

If you're wondering "How much pipe and drape do I need?", the answer depends on the area that you're trying to cover. There are many Drape Support Rods (also known as "crossbars") available, each with a different range of widths. For example, a 6-10 foot wide Support Rod can be set to any dimension between 6 feet and 10 feet, or an 8-14 foot wide Support Rod could be set to any width between 8 feet and 14 feet. Knowing the area that you're trying to set-up with pipe and drape helps ensure that you're selecting the correct parts.


Will you need drapes?

If you'll also need drapes to make your pipe and drape backdrop even more amazing, take a look at which fabric would be best for your event.

Different drapery fabrics are available in many colors, including elegant Polyester, stunning Sheer Voile, glossy Satin, and swanky Velours. So consider the event that you're setting up and determine which type of drape material would work best for your needs.

It's that easy! Those three pieces of information are good starting points when beginning your quest for pipe and drape. So be sure to measure and jot down that information, then enjoy saving time and money by getting your answers quickly and accurately.

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