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Guide to Planning a Backyard Wedding

If you’re thinking about keeping your wedding a little more intimate, sometimes the best solution is to simply put it up in your own backyard! A backyard wedding adds sentimentality to the event, saves you money by not having to book a venue long in advance, and allows you to hold the wedding whenever you want. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to plan anything for it. Your home might need to overcome a couple of extra hurdles for everything to run smoothly.

Fortunately, these can quickly be solved by following our guide to planning a backyard wedding. Here are a few simple steps to making your home perfect for the magical day!

Keep People Informed

Depending on where you live, certain events require extra planning before the party can get started. If necessary, you’ll have to file city permits and ensure that no violations occur. This includes—but is not limited to—fire and health codes, local noise ordinances, and zoning issues. Check the rules regarding street parking in your neighborhood—if it’s not allowed, you may have to make use of a nearby open lot, either by using a valet service or round-trip shuttle service from the lot to your venue. It also helps to inform your neighbors of your plans long before the event itself. This way they can plan ahead for when they need to be quieter, where others will be parking, and if the noise around them will likely be louder than usual.

Set the Style

Holding a wedding in a backyard enables you to set any theme or design you want since you aren’t restricted by what the venue already has. You can put up a ceremony arch and backdrop to give the ceremony some added dimension and a focal point. In warmer months, it helps to put the ceremony in an especially shady area or in a spot where no one will be facing the sun. For the reception, your best bet is to put up a tent in the backyard so you can withstand any weather conditions. Make sure to put a dance floor in the space so no one unexpectedly digs their heels into the grass. The tent can be styled however you want, but it helps to set a mood for the night and provides a way for guests to interact with the decorations. Event curtains and drapes can provide a backdrop to take pictures in front of, and wedding ceiling drapes can create a spectacular ambiance when reflected off the lights.

Add the Necessities

It’s not enough to just make the wedding look amazing—an important step in the guide to planning a backyard wedding is to have enough extra necessities to keep everything running smoothly. Consider some portable bathrooms, a couple of extra generators to avoid electrical issues, and a lot of trash and recycling bins—more guests mean more messes. By taking this into account, you can keep your guests happy and make your wedding a magical night to remember.

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