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Gorgeous Ideas for Ceremony Backdrops

Posted by LO on 9/9/2020 to Pipe and Drape
Gorgeous Ideas for Ceremony Backdrops
When you’re saying “I do” on the big day, you’ll want to do it in front of a brilliant backdrop. Everyone's eyes will be on you during that time, so of course you'll want your backdrop to look amazing. These gorgeous ideas for ceremony backdrops showcase the wide range of creative ways you can bring the event to life.

Take Advantage of Your Surroundings

If you want to be adventurous on your big day, you can always seek out a venue that is naturally beautiful. For example, you can go to an outdoor venue near a mountain and, when it comes time to say your vows, you can use it as a majestic backdrop.

If the beach is more your taste, you can always take advantage of its beautiful waters for your ceremony’s backdrop. Whether it’s one of these options, a lavish garden, or a lush forest, nature has endless naturally beautiful backdrops.

Use Drapes for an Elegant Backdrop

It sounds artsy, but it’s true—using white drapes can bring an ethereal look to any ceremony. You can create a sense of unity along with that effect if you hang a large white drape on the wall right behind the altar. You can also layer some different colored drapes on top of one another to add some depth to your backdrop.

Another creative way to use drapes at a ceremony is if you have a chuppah on display. Weaving a large white drape through the structure can bring the chuppah to life in a truly striking way.

Find Some Fantastic Flowers

No matter if it’s a chuppah, arc, wall, or even an altar, you can add flowers to it. As mentioned above, white is usually a good color because it brings that sense of elegance. That being said, feel free to get creative with your floral display. You can tie it in with the overall color scheme of the event or set up a unique pattern to really make it pop.

You can also get creative with how many flowers you have. You can use clusters of flowers here and there or fully deck out a chuppah with them. Adding some vibrant greenery can also help tie a floral display together.

These gorgeous ideas for ceremony backdrops will show you how to create a stunning display worthy of the occasion. If you want to use some elegant drapes for the wedding, you don’t have to look far. At Pipe and Drape Online, we sell pipe and drape wholesale so that you can bring some beauty to your big day without breaking the bank.

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