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ceiling draping kit

The party and event planning industry in the United States employs about 134,000 people, and whether any of those planners are decorating for a wedding, graduation party, or sweet sixteen, they have to decide on a ceiling drape style. There are several different ways to style ceiling drapes, and all are made slightly easier with a ceiling draping kit. Take a look through these styles for some inspiration the next time you have to pick up the ceiling draping fabric.

Centered On A Centerpiece (aka "Starburst" Ceiling Draping)

One gorgeous way to style your ceiling drapes is to have it all focus on a stunning centerpiece. This is also referred to as "Starburst" style ceiling draping -- where your center point can be a sturdy aluminum hoop, or any common point such as a hanging planter, column, or chandelier -- and you'll then drape the fabric so that its starting point is the hoop (or other center point that you're using), and it billows out across the ceiling.

Starburst ceiling drapes

There are a couple of different ways that you can do a Starburst ceiling drape style. You can have your ceiling drapes further apart for distinct, individual panels coming out from the center point, or you can spread the drape fabric out more for fuller coverage. In this "fuller" method, all of the drapes blend together and cover most, if not all, of the ceiling from your center point.

Ceiling drapes from a center point that are spread out

For any event with a dance floor, this design is a perfect way to bring everyone's eyes and attention to whoever is dancing. In the photos of the event, this elegant centerpiece will make for a great feature.

Swagged Drapery (aka "Linear" Ceiling Draping)

Swags are an excellent way to make your ceilings look incredibly elegant. Swagged drapery can either consist of super-long panels that go from Point A to Point B (or Point A to Point B to Point C, get the idea), or they can be hung in separate sections from one hanging point to another.

Linear ceiling draping style

And just like with the Starburst style earlier, there are multiple ways to incorporate Linear ceiling draping in your event space. You can have Linear ceiling drapes that are more spread out from each other, or you can provide fuller coverage by having several panels side-by-side for more coverage.

This style is perfect for when you have to work around existing ceiling fixtures or hardware, and it can also be used in conjunction with full coverage as lower-hanging drapery accents. The swagged drapery creates a light and airy feeling, and will immediately give guests a sense of wonder when they enter the room.

Color Drapery

Ceiling drapes often come in white and ivory, but there are a whole array of colored curtain options out there. When you have a ceiling draping kit with drapes in an unexpected color, you can really make the decoration of a room pop.

Colored sheer ceiling drapes

It can tie in with other color themes of the event, or be a stand-out color. Either way, color drapes will make your event feel special and make it one that guests are sure to remember.

Incorporate Your Ceiling With Your Backdrops

Full coverage from top down! To create a magical atmosphere at your event, consider incorporating your ceiling draping with your pipe and drape backdrops for a dramatic look throughout the entire room.

Ceiling drapes to backdrop style

Your imagination can really come to life with this draping style -- you can go with all white (backdrop and ceiling), all colors (backdrop and ceiling), a mixture of colors (such as white backdrop drapes with red ceiling drapes)...the options are endless.

Ceiling to Floor

This is a more subtle accent compared to the other styles, but one that can really help enhance the look of a particular area. Maybe you don't want to cover the entire ceiling, or even a sizeable portion of it. Maybe your ceiling is challenging to work with, and ceiling drapes would be difficult to implement. Maybe there wouldn't be enough time between events to set-up a larger draping arrangement. That doesn't mean that you can't at least have a stunning focal point!

Ceiling to floor swags

As you can see, beautiful ceiling draping works to make any event shine. As an appealing design element, guests will enjoy its elegance and the work it took to have the ceiling draped so well. With ceiling draping kits, or simply a few ceiling swags, you can make this seemingly difficult task incredibly simple while creating a wonderful atmosphere for your event.

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