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Elegant Styles To Achieve With Your Ceiling Drape Kit

Posted by on 12/24/2018

ceiling draping kitThe party and event planning industry in the United States employs about 134,000 people, and whether any of those planners are decorating for a wedding, graduation party, or sweet sixteen, they have to decide on a ceiling drape style. There are several different ways to style ceiling drapes, and all are made slightly easier with a ceiling draping kit. Take a look through these styles for some inspiration the next time you have to pick up the ceiling draping fabric.

Centered On A Centerpiece

One gorgeous way to style your ceiling drapes is to have it all focus on a stunning centerpiece. By using a sturdy aluminum hoop, you can create a floral wreath that serves as the focal point of the event space. You'll then drape the fabric so that its gathering point is in the center of the hoop and it billows out across the ceiling. For any event with a dance floor, this design is a perfect way to bring everyone's eyes and attention to whoever is dancing. In the photos of the event, this elegant centerpiece will make for a great feature.

Swagged Drapery

Swags are designed to make your ceiling drapery look as elegant as possible. Swagged drapery is hung in separate sections from one hanging point to another, rather than covering the entire surface of the ceiling. This style is perfect for when you have to work around existing ceiling fixtures or hardware, or for when you have a beautiful ceiling and you don't want to cover it completely. It can also be used in conjunction with full coverage as lower-hanging drapery accents. The swagged drapery creates a light and airy feeling, and will immediately give guests a sense of wonder when they enter the room.

Color Drapery

Ceiling drapes often come in white and ivory, but there are a whole array of colored curtain options out there. When you have a ceiling draping kit with drapes in an unexpected color, you can really make the decoration of a room pop. It can tie in with other color themes of the event, or be a stand-out color. Either way, color drapes will make your event feel special and make it one that guests are sure to remember.

Beautiful ceiling draping works to make any event shine. As an appealing design element, guests will enjoy its elegance and the work it took to have the ceiling draped so well. With ceiling draping kits, you can make this seemingly difficult task incredibly simple while creating a wonderful atmosphere for your event.

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