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$300+ = 15% off | $1,000+ = 20% off

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Ideas for Trade Show Specials

The start of a new year can be a busy time in the trade show world, which means you and your business can start preparing now. Standing out at these packed events can be a challenge if you don’t have something unique planned. Including a trade show special to your booth will attract visitors and encourage them to stay involved with your company beyond the event. Here’s more on these original specials which can be designed specifically for your company.

Examples of Trade Show Specials

If you’ve been to a trade show before, you’ve likely seen the booths that hand out branded items like pens or key chains. While this is a great idea, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that potential customers will return to your company with their business. In order to grow your audience, you need to go further by creating a system that will continue to engage potential clients, even after the trade show is over.

The online world is a great way to keep your visitors involved because nearly everyone has a smart device or access to a computer. By encouraging those who stop by your booth to “add” or “tag” your business on social media, you can connect with them that way. Or, if you want to take it a step further, you can direct them right back to your business’s website where you have already created a page specific to your trade show visitors.

The Benefits of a Hidden Webpage

This specific page which you have set up prior to the trade show will be “hidden” in the sense that only those who visit your booth at the show will know the URL to the page. After the trade show is over, these visitors can go to the webpage where you have listed trade show specials. These specials can range widely, depending on your type of business.

You can include coupons or pricing for a special deal on these hidden web pages, so that customers will feel more inclined to visit the hidden page and make a purchase. If you want to keep these customers involved, the webpage can also feature a function where they are able to sign up for a mailing list to stay updated on your company’s events and offers. Or, you can have the webpage link back to your social media sites, if you choose to market that way.

Other Ways to Attract Attention at Tradeshows

However, in order to offer these trade show specials, you will first need to attract customers to your booth. One of the best ways to do so is to have a professional trade show booth set-up. With rich colors that provide the perfect backdrop to your booth, you will stand out among your competitors while at these shows. Not to mention the fact that these booths have a simple set-up, making your prep time that much faster and easier, so you can focus on building relationships with potential customers.

For more information on how these professional trade show booth packages can boost your appearance and performance at trade shows, contact us at Pipe and Drape Online today.

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