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Decorating Tips for Small Stages
When you’re planning an event, it should go without saying that you want to wow and engage with your audience. That being said, not everyone can have a stage as large or extravagant as something you’d see at a Hollywood awards show. These decorating tips for small stages will show you how to achieve a big impact on your audience. Just because you don’t have an Oscar-sized stage doesn’t mean you can’t achieve that same wow factor.

The Stage Should Match the Theme

Use stage covers and props to tie the stage into the event’s overall theme. That way, your stage won’t seem like a tiny, awkward object in the room. Instead, when you creatively decorate it according to the event theme, your stage will go from being a simple object in the room to a stunning centerpiece. If the colors or tone of the stage don’t match the core theme or purpose of the event, it’ll be confusing and visually unappealing to guests.

Use Visually Appealing Backdrops

No matter your event’s purpose, make sure you get stylish backdrops to make that small stage look stunning. For instance, if your venue has a particularly eye-popping area (TV screen, art piece, etc.) that catches people’s attention right when they walk in, you should set up your stage nearby. However, you can also bring in your own backdrop made of fabric. A well-constructed fabric backdrop can add a perfect touch of class to any event.

Get Creative With the Lighting

If you’re working with a smaller stage, you have the opportunity to do a lot with a little when it comes to lighting. You can use a set of colorful holiday lights to illuminate the stage. Another option for creative lighting is using LED fixtures, which are lightweight, stylish, and provide your venue with consistent, bright lighting. Having good lighting is one of the top priorities of any and all events, no matter the size.

Design According to Audience Size

Even if your stage is small, you need to go big with your decorations. To make sure the audience is engaging with what you or someone else is saying on stage, it’s important that guests can see the speaker and stage clearly from the back of the room. If you have a small group of guests in attendance, this is where props like your logo and some decor (stylish pillows, comfortable chairs, etc.) will come in handy. The smaller the audience, the more detail-oriented you should be with stage decorations.

If you had any worries about achieving something big with a small stage, hopefully, these four decorating tips for small stages have proven that it’s not as hard as it seems. With the right effort and creativity, you can expand the scope of that stage beyond its established dimensions. At Pipe & Drape Online, we can provide your event with helpful stage decorations, such as backdrop rods, as well as a wide range of beautiful drapes to hang from them.

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