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Commencement Stage Setup Tips
Graduation ceremonies are a cheerful, emotional experience for students and families alike. While we may not be able to hold these types of events during the current pandemic, schools will of course still be hosting them in years to come. That’s why so much planning needs to go into planning one of these events, from the seating to the staging to the music. These commencement stage setup tips will help you put together an organized, elegant, and engaging event for everyone involved.

Get the Right-Size Platform

Making sure your portable stage platform is the right size is key to any graduation ceremony. The most important way to optimize your stage platform is by considering the size of your audience. Different schools have different student populations, so the right size and height of the stage will vary from event to event.

Prioritize Podium Placement

It’s important to place the podium in a good spot because it’s one of the focal points of the whole stage. That’s why podiums are typically placed in the middle of the commencement ceremony. You can place the podium farther to the left or right if that works better with your commencement stage activities, like speeches and handing out diplomas, but a good rule of thumb is to situate the podium in the center for everyone to see.

Don’t Forget the Backdrop

Backdrops are a great, easy way to add a dash of elegance to any ceremony. When students are accepting diplomas and presenters are giving speeches, what is shown behind them should echo the spirit of the entire event. You can go with a variety of colors for your backdrop, but given the theme of the ceremony, opting for a backdrop with your school colors can really be the Lebowski rug that ties it all together. At Pipe & Drape Online, we can provide you with a variety of kits for backdrop drapes that range from lengths of three feet to 14 feet.

We are all looking forward to resuming normal life and celebrating milestone events again in the future, so remember to take each of these commencement stage set up tips into consideration when planning your event. These tips will help you make sure the audience can see the ceremony play out in an organized, comfortable manner. If the family of the students on stage can’t see what’s happening during the graduation ceremony, those cheerful claps can turn into loud complaints very quickly.

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