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Ceiling Drape Swag Kits

Elegant Ceiling Drape Kits for Weddings and Special Events

Elevate your event to the next level with our Ceiling Drape Kits! Tie the theme together with incredible ceiling swags that will have your guests speechless.

Choose from a 4 Panel, 6 Panel, 8 Panel, or 12 Panel Ceiling Drape Kit (with your choice of 21 foot long, 30 foot long, or 40 foot long swags!).

Each kit includes parts to create a stunning display on various types of ceilings*: a durable Aluminum Ring (Hoop), Hinged Ceiling Clips, 4 inch C Hooks, Acrylic Rods + Positioning Clips, and gorgeous Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) Sheer Voile Ceiling Drapes.

*The parts included in our Ceiling Drape Kits will help hang your display on several different types of ceilings. There may be unique situations in which other parts may be required, but are not included in our kits. It is best to plan ahead by assessing your ceiling, how you will hang your kit, and then determining any need for chains, tension wires, or other means of suspending your ceiling drapes beyond the parts included.