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8 Ways to Save Money on Pipe and Drape

Posted by JC on 7/11/2017 to Pipe and Drape
8 Money Saving Tips for Pipe and Drape

Of course, you want your event to look absolutely amazing. And of course, you want to save as much money as possible. You’ve done your research and know that pipe and drape can help completely transform your space into a spectacular setting. We’re here to give you tips on how to save money on your pipe and drape system.


Having a floor plan or general idea of the space that you need to cover will help you avoid buying more items (or worse, less items*) than you actually need. So take out that tape measure, visualize your set-ups, anticipate any plans for expanding your set-up in the near future, and know that we are always happy to help you determine the right amount of items that you’ll need.

*Having too few pieces is especially difficult when you realize it setting up for that day’s event!


What look are you trying to accomplish? What is the primary purpose of the drapes that you will be using? Is your event casual or formal? Know the purpose of your pipe and drape system, and choose the right drape based on your evaluation. Various drape fabrics have a wide range of prices, so narrowing down your selection to the right drapes for your event will save you a lot!


Financing a larger purchase can be a great way to maintain cash flow by spreading out payments over the course of months, or even years. Plus, you get the added bonus of tax benefits and maintaining your lines of credit. Our pipe and drape financing only takes a minute or so to apply – it’s definitely an option that is worth exploring!


A company may have perfectly usable merchandise at deeply discounted prices. Maybe they have too much of a product on their floor and need to make some room. Maybe they received a batch of products with slight imperfections, but are otherwise fully functional. In any case, an easy way to save is by first taking a look at any Clearance items that are being offered.


While there are many resellers, only a few actual pipe and drape manufacturers exist in the United States. Generally, a manufacturer that sells direct to the public will be in a better position to offer the lowest prices to its customers. At, we are the manufacturer of a vast majority of the products that we offer, and are able to sell to the public at prices that are hard to beat (more on that below).


We promise to always strive to give our customers peace of mind knowing that they’re getting the best price when they shop with us. And we don’t just say that; we stand behind it with a Price Match Guarantee. When comparing prices among various pipe and drape companies, be sure that you’re considering the grand total price from each, and not just the displayed item prices. Factor in free shipping (if it's offered) and other promotions that may separate one company from another.


Flash sales, limited time deals, discount / coupon codes, and other special promotions are a great way to take advantage of lower prices for pipe and drape.

However, it’s important to not be immediately drawn-in by a promotion or coupon code. If a company's prices are already significantly higher than others, then even a seemingly awesome 20% off sale can still mean you would be spending more!


If you find that you’re renting pipe and drape multiple times for various events, then you need to consider the price per rental vs. buying pipe and drape.

When you purchase, it’s yours. You can use it any time, every time, and never have to worry about the logistics of scheduling a rental and making sure that you return it within the specified period of time. For a minimal cost, you can add-on in the future or switch out drape colors. And best of all, you can save a lot of money in the long run compared to renting for each event.

If you are shopping for pipe and drape, we hope that you’ll give us a call, email, or live chat to see how we can help. Rest assured that our sales staff is non-commission and trained to find ways to save you the most money while meeting your needs. Talk to you soon!

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