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8 Foot Tall Changing Room / Privacy Booth Kit with Commando Drapes

8 Foot Tall Changing Room / Privacy Booth Kit with Commando Drapes

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8 Foot Tall Changing Booth / Privacy Room Pipe and Drape Kit with Blackout Commando Drapes

Note: The photo shown has the front "open" (without the front support rod or front drapes) to show what the interior of the booth would resemble. This Changing Room / Privacy Booth Kit will have the front support rod and drape, fully enclosing the space as a "box".

Break Apart uprights with either of the Support Rod options (standard 4 to 7 foot, or upgrade Break Apart 8 to 10 foot*) makes the longest piece of pipe in this system only 52 inches long, which can fit inside of most vehicles for easy transportation from venue to venue.

*For wider privacy booth sides, we offer an optional upgrade to our 8 foot to 10 foot wide Break Apart support rods. This support rod breaks down in to 3 pieces, each piece only 4 feet long. When put together, it adjusts from 8 feet to 10 feet wide.

  • Commando drape panels (color: Black) on all sides provide privacy.

  • Light weight, portable, and takes only minutes to set-up and break down.

  • 16 oz. Commando drapes are 99.9% opaque (light blocking/non see-through). 100% FR Cotton; not machine washable. Brush gently with a soft brush.

  • The drapes are sewn flat; they are not pre-pleated. You can gather them by hand on the support rod.

  • Commando drapes have a felt/suede finish on one side and a lining on the reverse side.
This pipe and drape changing room / privacy booth kit includes the following parts:

Qty 4: B102-BA - 8 Foot Tall Break Apart Upright** - Silver - 1.5" Diameter
Qty 4: B505 - 16 inch x 14 inch Base - Silver - 10 lbs. with Pin (NOW FEATURING 6 INCH TALL BASE PINS!)
Qty 4: B401 - Adjustable 4 foot to 7 foot Wide Drape Support Rod - Silver (8-10 foot wide Break Apart option available)
Qty 12: D113-8 - 94 inch tall x 52 inch wide Commando Drape Panels (Color: Black).

*The drapes are sewn 2 inches shorter than 8 feet tall to avoid dragging on the floor. Please contact us if you have a different drape height preference.

The photo shown is for illustrative purposes only. Pieces may differ in appearance depending on kit chosen. Pipe and drape is intended for indoor, decorative use only.

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