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7 Goofy & Fun Prop Ideas for Your Event Photo Booth

The right decorations elevate every event, and one of the most effective decorations is a photo booth. A great photo booth is one that requires careful planning—you should have a setup that’s vibrant, full of life, and oozing personality, thanks to a multitude of props.

If you’re currently planning an event, you’ve likely come across the classic problem: how to ensure that the photo booth experience isn’t just another cheesy smile in front of a camera. After all, you want every moment captured to be an explosion of color, wackiness, and heartwarming fun! Navigate this list of goofy and fun prop ideas for an event photo booth to learn how to make your next event flourish and forge lasting memories.

How To Shop for Props

Imagine your event as a movie. The photo booth is the climax, and the props are the special effects that turn your event into a blockbuster hit. They prompt that extra laugh, inspire the goofy face, and encourage your normally demure colleague to don a unicorn horn. They break the ice, create talking points, and add a distinctive look to your group photos. This is where you go from mundane to magnificent.

A bland selection of props and accessories can take the excitement out of the photos. Luckily, shopping for fun props is easier when you learn about the essentials. Examine the many items you can pick up for your next photo booth.

1. Eye-Catching Headwear & More

Top off your attendees’ heads with hilarity. Offer a range of headgear from a top hat to a beanie with a propeller. Glasses and masks are also easy-to-use accessories that will make pictures pop.

Guests can cover their eyes with neon-bright, star-shaped frames and any other fun eyewear you can find. Simply put, if it’s weird or quirky, it’s likely a good fit for a photo booth.

2. Oversized Props & Accessories

Think larger than life—outlandish jewelry or even massive “#1” foam fingers are sure to add drama to your guests’ poses. Plus, delving into the theme of your event guarantees a cohesive look. Are you having a beach party? Line up those straw hats and beach balls for some surf-tastic vibes. That said, if you’re looking for pieces with an extra something, you can expand your options even further with creative DIY props at your booth.

Do It Yourself—Crafting Unforgettable Experiences

Sometimes, the best props are those made with love and a touch of DIY magic. The classics are classics for a reason, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a fresh, personal perspective to your prop bucket. Check out the goofy and fun prop ideas for your event photo booth that you can craft at home.

3. Paper & Printable Props

Quick to make and endlessly customizable, paper is an excellent standby for those inventive souls. From bow ties to thought bubbles, your only limit here is your imagination.

Thanks to online resources, you can find printable patterns for virtually any prop. The internet is your oyster when it comes to finding templates for everything, from superhero masks to an eclectic assortment of hats and beyond.

4. Recycled Materials

If you want a sustainable twist on photo booth props, you can absolutely make that a reality. Use old newspapers for a last-minute hat-making bonanza, or cut up those cereal boxes for DIY cardboard crowns. Now, you have a wide range of ideas for your photo booth, but there is still one helpful detail to consider—your overall theme.

Sticking to a Theme

Even when you have a better idea of the many props available, it can be overwhelming to whittle that list of options down to the right options for your booth. Luckily, many kinds of topics and events lend themselves to great prop themes. Next, we’ll dive into the many themed props you can decorate with today.

5. Holiday-Themed Props

Imbue every photo with fun and festivity using holiday-themed props. A Santa hat for Christmas or a glittering tiara for New Year’s add seasonal spice. Plus, the vibrant green associated with St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween’s iconic dark and orange Fall aesthetic all showcase how colors can add a lot to your photo booth choice.

The right props don’t just fit the aesthetic; they reflect the mood and, potentially, the culture of your event. Choose colors that fit with the event to make any prop feel like a part of the festivities.

6. Sports-Themed Props

No matter the fandom, you can bet there’s a silly prop for it, such as a boxing glove or a medal for showing up as a sports star. Plus, as with holiday-themed props, you can color-coordinate your sports props for any occasion. Whether evoking the colors of your Football team or capturing iconic hues associated with the sport as a whole, you can bring a visually cohesive, creative look to your booth.

7. Destination-Themed Props

Having a bevy of props is fantastic, but ensuring they are the right fit for your event is just as crucial. If your event is celebrating a particular place, props that symbolize the location will be appreciated. Tiny Eiffel Towers for a Parisian theme or “I Love New York” signs for an NYC theme are just two fun examples of bringing iconic locations to your photo booth.

Don’t overlook any miniature flags if you’re trying to capture the theme of a specific country. Being mindful of the culture you’re representing with these props is always important, but you can find many friendly, respectful ways to capture the look and feel of many destinations.

Prop Up Your Event

The next time you’re pulling together a social gathering or corporate event, keep these prop suggestions in mind. That said, remember that a great photo booth requires more than the right props—make sure your backdrop is an attractive addition to every photo.

At Pipe & Drape Online, we have photo booth curtains available in a wide assortment of colors, including purple, black, silver, key lime, and more. The versatility that props and curtains bring to a photo booth can be the highlight of the day. Now, embrace the fun, explore these ideas, and watch ordinary photographs become extraordinary memories.

7 Goofy & Fun Prop Ideas for Your Event Photo Booth

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