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7-12 Foot Adjustable Height Telescoping Upright - 1.5" Diameter
7-12 Foot Adjustable Height Telescoping Upright - 1.5' Diameter

Wave Style Ceiling Drape Calculator

Depth of Swag (in feet; usually between 3-5 feet)
*This is how far each swag will swoop down toward the floor before going back up toward the ceiling

Number of Swags
*This is how many times you want your single drape to swoop down

Total Length of the Room Being Swagged (in feet)

Length of Panel You Need (in feet)

7-12 Foot Adjustable Height Telescoping Upright - 1.5" Diameter

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7-12 Foot Adjustable Uprights

  • Adjustable to any height between 7 feet tall and 12 feet tall (84 inches to 144 inches).

  • Button stop allows the height to quickly be set at any foot interval (8 feet, 9 feet, 10 feet, 11 feet, and 12 feet tall).

  • Locking Clamp lets you set an "in between" height that isn't at an even foot interval (for example, 9 feet 8 inches tall).

  • These 1.5-inch diameter silver telescopic uprights are intended to be used away from high traffic areas, and with lighter weight drapes such as our Banjo, Premier (including PRO), Sheer Voile, Satin, and Economy Non-FR.

  • For high-traffic areas, or for use with heavier drapes, we recommend our sturdier 2 inch Diameter version.

  • Aluminum pipe means less weight and easy set-up.

  • Four slots in the top at 90 degree angles allow for various configurations such as continuing a linear span, making right angle turns, creating "L" shapes, etc.

  • Adjustable uprights are available with an optional DuraTop upgrade. Learn more about the benefits of DuraTop uprights.

  • This hollow upright works with our Slip-Fit system, allowing for easy installation over our base pins (for 1.5 inch diameter Uprights).

  • This item is for Quantity 1 of the upright only. Base and other pipe sold separately.

  • The minimum size/weight base recommended for this upright is our 18 inch x 18 inch (17 lb) base.

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